Thomas Jinkins.
5th June 1728
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Thomas Jinkins , of St. George's Hanover-Square , was indicted for breaking the House of John Wright , Esq ; on the 31st of May last in the Night-time, and taking thence a Silver Tea-Kettle, a Silver Lamp, a Chavingdish, a Soop Ladle, a top of a Cruet, 3 Forks, 12 Spoons, a Milk-pot, 5 Tea-Spoons, all of Silver, besides two Silver Baskets, several Silver Hasted Knives and Forks, a Gold Watch, a Diamond Ring, and several other valuable Goods, to the Value of 400 l. and 82 l. 16 Shillings in Money .

Mr. Wright depos'd, That the Prisoner came to live with him on the 6th of April last, but he not liking him, turned him away on the Night before this Robbery was committed; and upon finding the next Day that his House was broken and the Plate gone, he suspected the Prisoner, and employed one Mr. Mombray to search after him.

Mr. Mombray depos'd, That he got two Warrants (one to search, and the other to apprehend) and went to the Prisoner's Brother-in-Laws House, (Wills Coffee-House near Temple-Bar) and finding the prisoner there, he asked him his Name, which he not being willing to own, he charged a Constable with him, and they searching him, found in his pockets 5 Silver Tea-Spoons, and a Silver Top of a Cruet; which being produced in Court, appeared to be the Prosecutor's, by the Crest engraven on it.

Mr. Coggs depos'd, That he search'd him at Will's Coffe-House, and found the Plate in his Pockets, of which he could give no Account.

Mr. Tringuan depos'd, That the Morning after the Prisoner was taken, he heard him confess that the Plate was at the Saracen's-Head in Friday-street, in a Box, in the Room Number 22, and he them gave this Deponent 2 Keys, one for the Chamber-Door, and the other for the Box; and going to the Saracen's-Head, he found the Room, the Door of which he opened with the Key he had of the Prisoner, and in the Room found the Box, and the Plate in it, which Plate being produced in Court, Mr. Wright Swore it was his, it bearing his Coat of Arms.

Roger Yarnton depos'd, That he being a Servant to the Prosecutor, found the House had been robb'd, by missing the Goods, and that he with his Fellow Servants searching to find how the Thief came in, they found their Master's Dressing-Room Window open, and afterwards they found the Iron Bars, through which a Light came to their Vault) had been taken out, and by the Mould being rais'd, and the Stones in which they were fastened, grated, they could perceive it was newly done, and that by this, and some Marks of a Man's Foot being under the Dressing-Room Window, they concluded that the Thief came in at the Bars and went out at the Window, which Window he shut the Night before.

Joseph Woodgate confirmed that the Bars had been opened, and that by the appearance of the Mould and Stones, it was new done.

The Prisoner made but a very frivolous Defence, saying, that he got Drunk, and did not know how he came by the Plate which was found in his Pocket, and for that at the Saracen's-Head, he could not tell how it came there. Upon the Whole the Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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