Richard Nichols, John Perkins, Theft > shoplifting, Theft > receiving, 1st May 1728.

Reference Number: t17280501-8
Offences: Theft > shoplifting; Theft > receiving
Verdicts: Guilty; Guilty
Punishments: Death; Transportation
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Richard Nichols , of St. Mary Le Bone , was indicted for privately and feloniously stealing 9 Silver Watches and a Gold Watch, the Property of Mr. Morran and others, out of the Shop of Mr. Andrew Morran , on the 1st of December last. And John Perkins was indicted as Accessory, he receiving the same, knowing them to be stolen .

Mr. Morran depos'd, That he hearing of Thomas Neaves being taken up for other Facts, went to him, who informed him, that he, with the Prisoner Richard Nichols, took the Watches out of his Shop Window, and directed Mr. Morran at the same Time where he might find 3 of the Watches in pawn, which he found accordingly. One of the Watches being produced in Court, which, the Prosecutor swore he found by the Directions of Thomas Neaves. Mr. Bridle swore that it was his Father's Watch, and that he carried it to Mr Morran to be mended.

Mr. Taylor produced another of the Watches, which appeared to be Mr. Morran's, and that it was pawn'd to Mr. Taylor on the very Day that it was stolen from Mr. Morran.

Thomas Neaves depos'd, That on the first of December last, he, with four others and the Prisoner, seeing the Prosecutor's Show-Glass with the Watches in it in the Shop Window, and no Body in the Shop, they agreed to steal it away, but they observing a Barber in his Shop on the other Side the Way, were afraid of being detected; but to avoid that, Nichols, the Prisoner, went over to the Barber, and under the Pretence of wanting a Peruke, he placed, himself so as the Barber could not see them take away the Show-Glass: That after they had taken it, Nichols came up to them, and said this is Rum enough; that they then went to Perkins's House in White Horse Alley in Chick-lane, and that Night Perkins sent his Wife out with 3 of the Watches, and pawned two others himself, that the Silver Watches that remained, and the Money for which some of them were sold, was equally divided amongst them and that the Gold Watch, he, this Deponent Neaves, said, he carried to Shrewsbury, and sold it for 8 l.

Robert Alboni the Barber depos'd, That on the Day that the Prosecutor was robb'd, and about the same Time, the Prisoner Nichols came to his Shop, under pretence of buying a Wig and that he put one on and look'd at himself in the Glass, and laid it down, saying, he would call for it in a Fortnight.

Mr. Cook depos'd, That he pawn'd a Watch for Perkins, at one Wilson's on Saffron-Hill, which Watch being produced in Court it was owned by the Prosecutor. There were two Persons appeared in Court, John Bellinger , and George Nichols , the Prisoner's Brother, who depos'd, That the Prisoner was in their Company on Friday the first of December, from 8 in the Morning till Nine at Night; but their Evidence not having that Weight to overpoise the positive Evidence against Nichols on the contrary, and the several plain and undeniable Circumstances, the Jury found him Guilty . Death .

And Perkins guilty as Accessory.

Transportation. See summary

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