William Russell, William Holden, Robert Crouch.
1st May 1728
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William Russell , William Holden and Robert Crouch , of St Giles's in the Fields , were indicted for assaulting Martha Hyde on the Highway, putting her in Fear, and taking from her a Broadcloth Coat, value forty Shillings, a Looking-Glass, value 30 and a Gown, Apron, and other Goods, value 30 s. on the 8th of December last.

James Dalton depos'd, That he in Company with the three Prisoners, on the 8th of March last, overtaking the Prosecutor about 9 at Night in Fleetstreet, they agreed to snatch the Bundle from her, but not having an Opportunity in Fleet-street, they followed her from thence to Lincoln's-Inn-Fields , where Crouch knock'd her down, and Russell ran away with the Bundle. When they opened the Bundle, he said, they Found in it several Aprons, a Womans Mourning Gown, and 3 Black Hoods, and that when they took the Bundle there was a Looking-Glass in it, but it not being bound up well, it fell out and broke to Pieces: He said that they sold the Bundle altogether, to one Susan Watts , a Buyer of stolen Goods, for 24 s. (which in their Language is call'd a Lock) and to their great mortification they heard afterwards, that there was forty Shillings in money wrapt up in Rag, which was contain'd in the Bundle.

Mary Hide depos'd, That she was knock'd down in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields at the Time aforsaid, and that a bundle was taken from her, in which was the Goods and Money mentioned in the Indictmemt.

Bartholomew Nichols depos'd, That he saw Russell and Crouch at a Brandy Shop soon after this happen'd, when a Quarrel arising between

them, Russell said to Crouch, If you meddle with Nichols, I'll cut the Coat off your Back, for it is the Woman's Coat which I knock'd down in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, and I have as much Right to it as you. He further depos'd, That to his certain Knowledge, Crouch pawn'd an old Coat to pay for the Alteration of this Coat, and that the Coat had a picked Cape of Cloth, which he had taken off, and a Velvet Cape set on instead thereof.

Mr. Willis depos'd, That when he took Russell, he confess'd his taking these Goods, and that they were sold for about 22 s. And Dalton further said, That when Russell was taken, he said he did not value it, for as much as he should die among such Brave Fellows. The Fact being plainly proved, the Jury found them all three Guilty . Death .

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