James Sherwood, Elizabeth Hobs, George Weedon, Henry Hews, Joshua Payn, Peter Wright, Elizabeth Pope.
17th January 1728
Reference Numbert17280117-41
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty; Guilty; Guilty; Not Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death; Death; Death

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James Sherwood , alias Hobs , Elizabeth Hobs , George Weedon , Henry Hews , Joshua Payn , Peter Wright , and Elizabeth Pope , were indicted for Felony and Burglary, in breaking the House of William Meak , on the 11th of this Instant Jan . in the Night-time, and taking thence 12 Gloucester Cheeses .

Ann Meak depos'd, that at 10 o'Clock at Night her Door was fast, and her Window safe, and at Four in the Morning the Watch Call'd them up. when the Window Shutters were cut through, the House broke open, and the Cheeses gone; that hearing of the Prisoners being in Custody, she went and found the Cheeses at Joshua Payn's House, at which House the Prisoners all lived together before they were taken up.

Samuel Warren depos'd, That he with other Officers surrounded the House, and the Prisoners slung Glass Bottles and other Things at them, our of the Window, that when they broke open the Door, they found the Cheeses mentioned in the Indictment, and mark'd with the Prosecutor's Mark.

Charles Charley , and Richard Hatch , depos'd to the like Effect, adding, When they broke open the Door they found two Chissels, a large Gimlet, a dark Lanthorn, and a Knife of monstrous size, which were produced in Court.

Sarah Payn made herself an Evidence, and depos'd, That she let one of her Rooms to Sherwood's Wife, and having another bed in the Room, Sherwood and his Wife lay in one Bed, and helped them to George Weedon and Henry Hews, as Lodgers in the other Bed; that they disturbed the House; that Sherwood and Weedon brought in the Cheeses and other Goods, and when the Officers were at the Door, they threatned to cut her Throat if the let them in. This Fact appearing plain upon Hobs only, the Jury found him Guilty . Death .

They were all a 2d Time indicted for breaking the House of Daniel Ellingham in the Night-time, and taking thence some Brandy and Tobacco , which was proved upon Hobs and Weedon, and they were both found Guilty . Death .

They were a 3d Time indicted for breaking the House of Elizabeth Cogdale , and taking thence eight Pewter Dishes, and twenty Pewter Plates, in the Night-time .

The Prosecutor depos'd, That she fasten'd her Doors at Night, and was call'd up in the Morning by the Watch, when her House was broke open and the Goods gone; which Goods she found in the House of Joshua Payn , and by the Deposition of Sarah Payn , the Goods were brought into the House by Hobs, Hews, and Weedon upon which they were all three found Guilty . Death .

James Sherwood and George Weedon were a fourth Time indicted, for assaulting John Wallford on the High-way, on the 4th of this Instant January , and taking from him a Peruke, Hat and Cane ; which was proved upon them by Deposition of Sarah Payn and several concurring Circumstances, a Hat, wig and Cane being found in the House, and swore to by the Prosecutor; upon which they were both found Guilty . Death .

But none of the Facts being proved upon Joshua Payn , Peter Wright , or Elizabeth Pope , and Elizabeth Hobs having a Husband convicted for the Fact they four were acquitted .

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