Henry Chaplin, Peter Boother.
30th August 1727
Reference Numbert17270830-7

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Henry Chaplin , Peter Boother , and Henry Girdler, (not yet taken) were indicted for breaking into the House of Daniel Lyver in the Night-time, on the 17th of July last, taking thence 10 Pewter Dishes, 30 Pewter Plates, one Guinea and 7 s. and 6 d. in Silver .

The Prosecutor depos'd, That at the Time aforesaid 3 or 4 Persons came to his House, and in a violent Manner broke the Windows, burst open the Window-Shutters and the Door, took the Goods mentioned in the Indictment, and beat him at the same Time with much Barbarity.

Michael Lilley depos'd, That going to Work betimes in the Morning, he met William Norcoat (who was concerned in the Robbery and made himself an Evidence) with the Pewter, but looking upon him as a desperate Fellow, he did not seize him till he got the Assistance of another Person; when they apprehended him he said he found it in a Ditch in which he had been with a Woman, &c.

John Palmer depos'd, That Norcoat confessed before him, that he was concerned in stealing the Goods with the Prisoners, and that he gave this Deponent Directions to Girdler's Room, where they found the remaining Part.

William Norcoat thus depos'd, About six Weeks since I was standing by Charing-Cross, and the Prisoners came up to me and asked if I would go with them to steal some Fowls, to which I soon consented, but before we went about it, we, though we had no no Money went to an Alehouse and drank heartily, and crept out of a back Door to be clear of the Reckoning: After this we went to the White-House at Marybone, where Boother said they had Fowls for she had made Hay there but there was furniz'd, a Servant calling out from the House to Boother by his Name; from thence we went to the Prosecutor's, which is not far from thence, and took some Fowls: Before we broke open the House we began upon the Windows; for finding a Stool we broke off the Feet, and with them made the Glass fly about heartily; after this we soon got in, and I beat the Maid because she had no Money, and an old Woman I beat who gave me a Shilling, which was all I had out of the Room, only a Shirt I took out of a Box: In the mean Time the Prisoners at the Bar were rifling the Rooms below Stairs, and taking the Goods mentioned in the Indictment.

The Evidence of the Deponent was confirm'd by the Deposition of several others, and the Confession of Boother before Justice Ellis, in which he owned he was concerned in breaking the House and taking the Goods aforesaid. Chaplin likewise confess'd that he was in the House with them, but was not actually concerned in taking the Goods; saying, he endeavoured to perswade them to come away: But it appearing to the Court, notwithstanding this Pretence, that he was aiding. and assisting in carrying off the Goods, upon which both Chaplin and Boother were found guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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