Mary Robinson, Jane Holms, Hannah Briton, Theft > theft from a specified place, Theft > shoplifting, Theft > receiving, 31st August 1726.

Mary Robinson , was indicted, and Jane Holms , a 3d Time indicted, for stealing a Silver Cup, value 5 l. the Goods of Hester Dobbins , in her House , January 7 .

Thomas Reedman thus depos'd. Three Women ( Mary Burton was one of them) came into my Mistresses Shop (the Indian Queen in Holbourn ) and said they wanted a piece of Satin. My Mistress had in her Hand the Silver Cup, with some Ale in it, and being call'd away, she sat it down by the Fire Side, in the back Part of the Shop. When she was gone, says one of the Women, Tis very cold, and so went and sat by the Fire. When they were gone the Cup was mist.

Mary Burton thus depos'd. The two Prisoners and I went into the Prosecutors Shop, Holms and I lookt upon some Sattin, but Robinson went to the Fire Side, took up the Silver Cup, threw the Ale into the Ashes, and put it into her Lap. I carried the Sattin to the Door to look at it, to prevent the Man from casting his Eye towards the Fire, for fear he should miss the Cup. - Robinson went out first, Holms stole a piece of Sattin, and follow'd her, and I went last. Robinson's Confession was read in Court, in which she acknowledged the stealing of the Cup, and that she sold it to Hannah Briton for 4 s. an Ounce. Guilty each, Death .

Jane Holms, was a 4th Time, and Mary Robinson, a 2d Time indicted for privately stealing 80 Yards of Cherry colour'd Mantua Silk, value 5 l. the Goods of Joseph Bourn , and Mary Harper , in their Shop , December 24 . And

Hannah Briton , alias Bradshaw , was indicted for receiving the same knowing it to be stoln .

Richard Bourn depos'd, that three. Women came to their Shop, the Crown and Anchor the Corner of York-street, Covent-Garden ; and that the Goods were mist soon after they was gone.

Mary Burton thus depos'd. Holms and Robinson and myself, went to the Prosecutors, under Pretence of buying a Riding-hood for me, but in Reality to steal any Thing that we could. A piece of Persian lay under some Riding-hoods, from whence Holms took it; we all got off safe, and went to the Tavern, and there agreed to carry the Silk to Hannah Briton 's who then kept the Bull-Head Ale-House, the Corner of Newtoners-Lane. We went accordingly, and told her that we had spoke with a piece of Silk. She was well acquainted with our Profession, and knew that by saying, we had spoke with it, we meant, we had stole it. She measur'd it, and gave us a Shilling a Yard for it.

Joseph Bourn thus depos'd. Hannah Briton sent for me to Newgate, and offer'd me 5 Guineas not to prosecute her, and said she'd make me farther Satisfaction when she got out, for she was worth a Thousand Pound. Guilty .

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