Sarah Turner, Katherine Fitzpatrick.
31st August 1726
Reference Numbert17260831-23
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty

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Sarah Turner , alias Lawson , and Katherine Fitzpatrick , were indicted for privately stealing 50 Yards of Green Mantua, value 10 l. the Goods of John Hutt , in his Shop , May 15 .

Mrs. Hutt thus depos'd. I keep an Upholster's Shop in St. Pauls Church-Yard . Two Women in Riding Hoods came in, and ask'd for Blankets. - Mary Burton follow'd them, and she being very like a Neighbours Neice, I mistook her for the same, and to had no Suspicion. - I ask'd if the Blankets were for her Aunt, and she said yes. A Piece of Green Mantua had been brought home that Day, and being in haste to use about 10 Yards of it for a Bed, before the Weaver came to see it measured, I cut off what I wanted, but left a narrow Edge on one side, with the Ticket to it, - and then put it in the Window, and mist it soon after they were gone.

Mary Burton thus depos'd, The 2 Prisoners came to my Room, and ask'd me to go out, which in our way of Speaking signifies to go a Shoplifting. I was not drest, and so they told me where they intended to go, and that they would wait for me, at a Brandy Shop in St. Pauls Church-Yard. They went, I drest my self and follow'd them, but before I came to the Brandy Shop. I saw them in the Prosecutors Shop, and went into them; The Gentlewoman of the Shop, said something to me about my Aunt. Fitzpatrick took the Silk out of the Window, and put it under her Hood, but there was a long Edging to it, cut in little Escallops, that had like to have betray'd us. She sold it for 3 s. 6 d. a Yard, but Sarah Turner was angry with her, and said, she could have got 4 s. for it.

Mr. Moone thus depos'd. When Turner was first taken up, I advis'd her to make herself an Evidence, but she would not then be persuaded. She afterwards escaped from the Officer; I saw her again in the

Gate-house after she was re-taken, and then she cry'd and confest that she was guilty of this Fact, and beg'd that I would get her to be transported, and wish'd that she had taken my Advice, but then it was too late, for upon his Majesties Promise of Pardon, and a Reward of 50 l. publish'd in the Gazette, Mary Burton had voluntarily surrendred herself to be an Evidence. Guilty .

Katherine Fitzpatrick , was a 4th time, and Sarah Turner , a 2d time indicted for privately stealing 63 Yards of Modena, and Pink Italian Mantua, value 15 l. the Goods of Joshua Feary , in his Shop , February 20. 1724-5 .

Richard Lowfield depos'd. that the Silk was lost out of Mr. Fearys Shop, the Wheatsheaf and Star on Ludgate-hill .

Mary Burton thus depos'd. The Prisoners and I agreed to go out, we pitch'd upon Mr. Fearys Shop, Fitzpatrick and I, went in first, and ask'd for Ash colour'd Mantua; Turner came in a little after us, and said she wanted Silk for an Apron. The Man went to the back part of the Shop, and in the mean time, Fitzpatrick lifted up the Counter Lid, took out the Silk, and put it in her Apron; We divided it equally, and had 21 Yards a piece.

Mr. Moone depos'd. That Turner Confest to him, that she was with Burton and Fitzpatrick, when they Stole that Silk.

Mr.Justice Vaughan thus depos'd. Several of the Shoplifters were brought before me to be examin'd. Holms would fain have been an Evidence, and named I believe near 40 Robberies, that she had been concern'd in, but she having been transported, I could not admit her. Then Turner offer'd to become an Evidence, and confest that she had committed several Felonies in Company with Fitzpatrick. I asked her if she had ever been in Newgate. No, says she, but I was one Night indeed a walking in Fleet-street with a Girl ( Molly Grainge ) and a Gentleman pick'd us up, and carried us to the Tavern, and she pick'd his Pocket, and was hang'd for it. At last Mary Burton came in a voluntary Evidence, and the Information that she then gave me, agrees in every particular with what she now swears in Court.

Theodosia Kirk depos'd, that it was commonly talk'd in the Neighbourhood, that Turner had hang'd Molly Grainge (who liv'd in Water-lane) by perswading her to take the Fact upon herself, in which they were both concerned.

Fitzpatrick call'd 2 or 3 to her Reputation, who depos'd that she sold Geneva, and afterwards kept a Cook's Shop in Fore-street. And being cross'd question'd, they acknowledge that she had long had the Character of a Shoplifter. The Jury found them both Guilty .

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