Jane Holmes.
31st August 1726
Reference Numbert17260831-21
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty

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Jane Holmes , alias Barret, alias Frazier , was indicted for privately stealing 20 Yards of Straw Ground Brocaded Silk, value 10 l. the Goods of John

Moone , and Richard Stone , in their Shop , June 1 . The Fact appear'd thus. The Silk was lost from the Shop of Messieurs Moore and Stone, the Queens Head and Anchor on Ludgate-hill , on the 4 or 5 of November last. Not long after which the Prisoner, and another Woman or two, went into a Mercers Shop, the backside of St. Clements, to cheapen some Goods, and soon after they were gone, a Piece of Silk was missing. These Women, and others of their Profession, had been often at Several Shops in that Neighbourhood, so that they were pretty well known. He acquainted several Shopkeepers thereabouts with his loss, and it was not long before one of them saw the Prisoner, and one of the Woman aforesaid, as they were making another Tour; He gave the Mercer notice, who traced them to the House of - Johnson a Victualler, at the Thistle and Crown, in Denmark Court. Where he searched for his Goods to no purpose, but he found the Brocaded Silk in the Indictment, which was made into a Gown, and Lin'd with a Pink colour'd Mantua. The Prisoner own'd the Gown to be hers, and said that she bought it of the Maker, at the George Ale-house by Stocks Market, (a House frequented by Weavers,) but her Husband being a Journey-man Shooe-maker, he thought such a Gown was too fine for her, and therefore threatned to burn it, to prevent which, she had persuaded Johnson to let it lye at his House. Several Mercers were sent for, to see if they knew the Silk, Mr. Moone was one of that number, and found the Brocade to be his.

The Prisoner thus made her Defence. I have been a Holland Trader for Several Years, and having a large Acquaintance, Moll Burton, (who was Jonathan Wilds Maid,) brought me this Brocade to sell for her. - I shew'd it to some, who did not like the Figure of it, and by accident a Mug of Drink was Spilt upon it, by which it was very much damaged, so that it was thrown upon my Hands, and I was forced to pawn my Goods to pay for it.

Mary Burton, alias Ravenscroft, alias Fenton, alias Holloway, alias Hafield , thus depos'd. I never saw that Brocade, till it was shewn me by Mr. Moone, at an Ale-house in Covent Garden, after he had taken it from Mr. Johnson's House, and the Prisoner told me, that she her self spoke with it, (i.e. Stole it.) Guilty Death .

Jane Holmes, was a 2d time indicted for privately stealing 40 Yards of Pink Colour'd Mantua, value 10 l. in the Shop of Matth.ew Herbert , May 1 .

Thomas Coleman thus depos'd. I live with Mr. Herbert, I remember the missing of a Piece of Pink Mantua, and believe, that this Lining to the Brocade is a part of it, for was we make our own Goods; We make them, as this is, a little broader than usual.

Mary Barton thus depos'd. The Prisoner came to my Lodging in Black Fryers, between 3 and 4 in the Afternoon, told me that she had seen something very good, and desir'd me to go out with her. We went to Mr.Herbert's Shop, I cheapen'd some Straw colour'd Mantua for an Apron, for which they asked 3 s. and 2 d. a Yard, and I offer'd them 2 s. and 10 d. In the mean time the Prisoner took a Piece of Pink Mantua, and we went away undiscover'd. We measur'd it at her Lodging, and found there was 42 Yards, which we equally divided. She bade me 3 s. for my half, but I told her I could have more for it, she said she'd line her Gown with part of her own half, and I believe this Lining to be the same. - I afterwards sold my half to Ann Green, who is not yet taken. Guilty ,

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