Lawrence Simpson, William Swift.
2nd March 1726
Reference Numbert17260302-49
VerdictsNot Guilty; Guilty

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Lawrence Simpson , and William Swift , were indicted, for that they with Robert Cable , in an open Place near the Highway, did assault Mary Cassel , put her in fear, and take from her 4 Table Cloths, 8 Napkins, 2 Smocks, a Gown and other Things, the Goods of William Audley , Jan. 10.

They were a second Time indicted, for assaulting John Hickenbotham , in an open Place near the Highway, putting him in fear, and taking from him 2 Smocks, 2 Napkins, and other Things, the Goods of Frances Parnell . Widow .

Mary Cassel thus depos'd Between 6 and 7 at Night, my Master John Hickenbotham and I were going along Islington Causey , each of us with a Bundle of Cloths: Four Men met us, and when we were past 'em, they stood talking a little, and then came back again, one of them said, keep up to the Wall Child, for fear ye fall in the Ditch; but another, holding out a Pistol, cry'd stand and deliver, or G - D - your Bloods, I'll shoot ye both. They took our Bundle away. and I offer'd to run, but they Swore we were both dead if we stir'd an Inch before they were gone. There was a Lamp about 6 Yards off, by the Light of which, I plainly saw the Face of Swift, and knew him again, but I can't be positive to the other. John Hickenbotham depos'd the same, but could not swear to either of the Prisoners.

John Harvey thus depos'd. Coming from Islington, I met Jack Barton , and Bob Cable in the Road, and ask'd 'em what they did there so late, they told me they waited for a Man, and knowing one of them to be a Bailiffs follower, I thought they were only setting somebody for an Arrest. John Barton appaear'd to give Evidence against the Prisoners, but there being an Indictment found against him for Burglary, he was not allowed to be a Witness. Simpson was acquitted , and Swift found Guilty of the first indictment Death .

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