Francis Baily, Martha Suple.
2nd March 1726
Reference Numbert17260302-41
VerdictsNot Guilty; Guilty

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Francis Baily and Martha Suple , alias Hambleton , were indicted for breaking and entring the House of Michael Thomson , and stealing 10 Pewter Dishes. 52 Plates, 2 Candlesticks, 3 Cloaks, a great quantity of Linnen and other Things . Feb. 4 .

They were a second Timeindicted. for breaking and entring the House of Katherine Andrews , and stealing 9 Dishes,

12 Plates, a Cloak, a Kettle, and many other Things, February 12 in the Night . Elizabeth Thomson thus depos'd. In the Afternoon, Francis Baily and another came to drink at my House, they walked into the Garden, and lookt about 'em here and there and every where, which made me take notice of 'em. I went to Bed about 9, and made all the Doors fast; but in the Morning I found my House broke open, and my Goods gone. Michael Lee thus depos'd, - Part of the Garden Wall was broke down, and a Ladder left standing against it. The Door of the Kitchen, and another Room were broke open, and this Chissel left in the Window.

Katherine Bury thus depos'd, I lived in the same House that the Prisoner lodg'd in, our Land lord Matthew Wildman , was his Comrade, but he is now run away. About 2 a Clock that Morning, as this House was broke open, they brought Home a great parcel of Pewter and Linnen, and sent me to pawn some of them while they staid at the Door to receive the Money. There was no Evidence against Martha Suple, but that she carry'd some of the Linnen to be washt, upon which she was apprehended.

Katherine Andrews thus depos'd, the Prisoner Baily and Wildman came to drink at my House in Knightsbridge , and went away about 9 at Night. I went to Bed at 12, and before 2 the Watch call'd me up, my House was broke, and my Goods taken away. The next Morning as I was crying, a Woman came in and askt me what was the Matter, I told her I was robb'd. Do you know the Thieves says she? No, says I, but I have a Suspicion of 2 Men that were here last Night, because they talkt a little oddly, for they said as how they had a great Loss, and swore as how they'd make it up some way or other, and they carried Pistols, and then she ask'd me what sort of Men they were, and so I subscrib'd 'em to her, whereof she said. She believ'd she knew 'em, and so she directed me to Wildmans House in Westminster, and there I found 'em a drinking of Punch; as for Wildman he got away, but the Constable took the Prisoner Baily, and there I found my Pewter. They had scratch'd my Name out, but I knew it again by the Man's Name that I bought it of, for here it is, - here's T. for Thomas, and W. for Wigmore. The Jury acquitted Martha of both Indictments: But found Francis Baily Guilty of both . Death .

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