Foster Snow.
13th October 1725
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Foster Snow , was indicted for the Murder of Thomas Rawlins , by giving him, with a Knife, one Mortal Wound in the Left Breast, of the Length of one Inch, and Depth of seven Inches, of which he instantly died , on the 7th of October .

He was a 2d time indicted on the Statute of Stabbing.

And a 3d time on the Coroner's Inquest for the said Murder.

John Waterman thus deposed: The Deceased came into the Prisoner's House, the Feathers Alehouse in Holborn , on the 7th of October, at Night, and brought a Couple of Rabbits in his Hand, which he order'd to be roasted for Supper; and sat down by the Fire. The Prisoner came into the Kitchen, walk'd about, appear'd very uneasy, and mutter'd a great many Curses. Then he began to turn his Discourse to a Porter; and betwixt them some Mention was made of the Deceased. Why, it seems (says I to the Deceased) it's you that my Landlord is so disturb'd about. Yes, I know it, says he; and then went out, to prevent Words, as I thought. The Prisoner follow'd him, curs'd him; and a great many ill Words pass'd betwixt them. They came in again, Supper was ready; the Deceased desired the Prisoner and his Wife to sit down and eat; but the Prisoner turn'd away, and cry'd, Eat the Davil! and then struck his Wife; which the Deceased seeing, got up and stept betwixt them to part them. Then the Prisoner reach'd to the Dresser, and took up something, which I suppose was a Knife, (for I could not see distinctly, because there was no Candle upon the Dresser;) but be it what it would, he stretch'd out his Arm in this manner, and struck the Deceased thus; who thereupon immediately sunk down, and died.

- Middleton thus deposed: The Prisoner appeared in a very morose and quarrelsome Humour when he first came into the Kitchen. - You're a sorry Dog, says he to the Deceased. And you're another, says the Deceased again. Sirrah, you're a Rogue, says the Prisoner. - Call me Rogue, says the Deceased, and I'll lay you behind the Fire. After that we sat down to Supper; the Prisoner quarrel'd with his Wife, and the Deceased endeavouring to part them, the Prisoner took something from the Dresser, and gave him such a Stroke, that he fell down dead.

John Rude thus deposed: About a Month ago I call'd at the Prisoner's House, and enquired for the Deceased Mr. Rawlins. Rawlins is a Rogue, says the Prisoner; he owes me Money: - He's a Villain! a Rascal! I'd make no more of killing him, than of killing a Toad or a Dog.

Thomas Byas thus deposed: The Prisoner came into the Kitchen, and seem'd to be very uneasy What, says he, must I be abused in my own House, by a Man that was ones me Money? Do you mean me? says the Deceased. Yes, you, reply'd the Prisoner. The Prisoner's Wife came in, and desired them to be quiet. He answer'd, Yes, I will be at quiet in my own House; and then gave her a Slap o'the Face. The Deceased said, Are not you a Rogue for that? The Woman was going out, and the Prisoner would have follow'd her; but the Deceased hinder'd him; and presently after fell down, and died.

The Maid thus deposed: The Prisoner was following my Mistress; but the Deceased stopt him, and told him that he should not strike her in his Presence. I had just before laid this Case-Knife down upon the Dresser. The Prisoner took it up: I did not see him give the Blow; but the Deceased sunk down by the Dresser, and died before we could get a Surgeon. We afterwards found this same Knife, all bloody, upon the Floor.

The Surgeon deposed, that the Deceased had a mortal Wound in the Left Breast, between six and seven Inches deep; and he believed it was given with such a Knife as that produced in Court.

The Prisoner said nothing in his Defence; but call'd some of his Acquaintance to his Reputation, who gave him the Character of an honest, quiet, good-natur'd Man; and that on the contrary, the Deceased, when he was in Liquor, did use to be very fractious, and the most troublesome Man in Nature. The Jury found the Prisoner Guilty of each Indictment. Death .

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