Mary Hanson.
7th April 1725
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Mary Hanson of S. Katharine's , was indicted for the Murder of Francis Peters , her Brother-in-Law, by giving him with a Knife one mortal Wound near the Right Pap, of the Length of one Inch, and Depth of three Inches, of which he instantly died , on the 7th of March last. She was a 2d time indicted on the Coroner's Inquest for the said Murder.

Matthias Hanson thus depos'd: My Wife Martha having lately miscarried, I was laying on the Bed by her between and 8 on Sunday Night, when her Brother, the Deceased, (who was fitting by the Fire) called me to supper. I awaked and got off the Bed and saw my sister, the Prisoner who was very drunk, walking about the Room with a Knife in her Hand. If there's any Victuals in the House, says she, I'll have it. Molly, says the Deceased base but Patience, and here's enough for as all. But she continuing to be very troublesome, he added, If you wont be quiet, go out of the Room, or I'll turn you out. She answered, If Right took place, you ought to go out first. He perceiving that she resolved to make a Disturbance, went to her, and endeavour'd to put her out and she immediately stab'd him with the Knife: He fell down, and died in about half an Hour. There had been no former Quarrel betwixt them. Martha Hanson thus depos'd: After my Husband got up, the Prisoner came to my Bed-side and I said to her, Molly, I wonder you'll make yourself so drunk? - Are you troubled at it? says she. Yes, I am, says I. Why then, D - ye, says she, I think it's no Sin to cut your Throat; and with that, she struck me in the Face with her Hand, and went out; But presently came in again, and said, I will have Meat as long as any is to be had. Molly, says the Deceased, Consider that my Sister is not well, and therefore I'll have no Noise. Some other Words passing, he rose up and strove to put her out. His Wife endeavour'd to part them; and as they were struggling together, the Prisoner stab'd him over his Wife's Arm: He sunk his Knees, and died. Mary Peters , the Widow of the Deceased, confirmed the former Depositions, and thus added; When I went to part my Husband and the Prisoner, she cut me across the Hand, and then struck the Knife into my Husband's Breast. I cry'd out, You have kill'd my Husband! She threw the Knife against the Wall, and said, I wish I had stab'd ye all. A Surgeon was sent for; but he came too late. Other Witnesses spoke to the same Purpose, and the Jury found her Guilty . Death .

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