John Guy.
7th April 1725
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John Guy , of Tuddington , was indicted, for that he, after the 1st of June, 1723. that is to say, on the 1st of September last, did feloniously hunt and kill three fallow Deer value 30 s. in a Paddock or inclosed Ground where Deer are usually kept, belonging to Anthony Duncomb Esq ;

Charler George thus deposed: As I lay in the Lodge, I heard a Noise in the Park like the Squeaking of Deer, about Five in the Morning, and looking out of the Window, I saw the Prisoner and Biddesford (an old Man) standing together. I know not whether they saw me or no, but they presently parted and went towards the Pales. I slipt on my Cloaths, and follow'd with my Gun. The Prisoner stept to me with a Pistol in his Hand, and swore if I did not go back, he'd shoot me. I was not sure that my Piece would go off, and so I retreated, and found two Deer lying dead, and they look'd as if they had been torne by Dogs. In the mean time the Prisoner and Biddesford got over the Pales. It fell out that some Countrymen were coming by soon after without-side the Pales, (for there's no Foot-Path thro' the Park.) I cry'd out Thieves, and they join'd together to assist me. I got over the Pales, and there found another Deer with his Throat cut, and not quite cold. The Prisoner and old Biddesford took their Way towards Roger's Ferry, and we pursued them. When they came to the Ferry, they turned about, presented their Pistols, and swore we were dead Men, if we came a Foot nearer. However, when they were gone off, we took a Boat after them: They landed at the Half-Mile Tree, (about half a Mile from Kingston) and we were not far behind them. Biddesford was shot in the Fields, and the Prisoner was taken in Kingston, with a Powder-Horn and naked Knife in his Pocket. The latter Part of this Deposition was confirmed by the three Countrymen that assisted C.George in the Pursuit. Guilty . Death .

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