Katharine Lloyd, Thomas Lloyd, Thomas Lloyd, Mary Stevens.
7th April 1725
Reference Numbert17250407-47
VerdictNot Guilty; Guilty

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Thomas Lloyd , Katharine his Wife , and Mary Stevens , of Thistleworth , were indicted for breaking open the House of Joseph Clements , and taking from thence a Sattin Gown and Petticoat val 4l. 2 Crape Gown value 10s. a Coral val. 10s. a Gold Ring, 9Mobs, 6 Yards of Holland, a Pair of Sheets, and 30l. in Money, with other Things, the Goods and Money of Joseph Clements , on the 15th of July last, in the Night .

J. Clements thus depos'd: The Prisoner Mary Stevens had been my Servant about 3 Months; and on the 15th of July last, my Wife and I was going to Uxbridge Market, and for better Security, desired Mary Harris (who worked in my Ground) to stay in my House all Night. Mary Harris thus depos'd On the 15th of July, about 7 in the Evening I left Work in my Master's Garden, and came into his House, where I saw Lloyd and his Wife in the Kitchen with Mary Stevens , he making a Kite for the Children. I told Stevens that my Master would be angry if he knew that she let any Men into the House when he was abroad. She said it was hard if she could not speak to a Friend. About Ten o'Clock, she persuaded me to go to Bed, for she said the Child would be frightned to lie alone; and for her part, she intended to set up all Night and wash. So about 11 o'Clock, I fastned all, the Doors and went to Bed, leaving the three Prisoners, 2 young Son of my Master's and my Daughter, (Whose Name is likewise Mary Stevens) all together.

Mary Stevens thus deposed: When my Mother went to bed, Mary Stevens the Prisoner went up Stairs, and brought down a Bundle in her Arms, and carry'd it into the Wash -house. She came back, and call'd Kate Lloyd ; and they unbolted the Door, and both went out together, Stevens having the Bundle. In about four Minutes after, Tom. Lloyd said he would go and bolt the Dear; but he went out too. I thought he was only gone to make Water; but staying longer than I expected, I went and bolted the Door myself; and neither of em came there any more.

Michael Stuck thus deposed; An Advertisement being left at my House by Mr. Clements, I Soon after heard that such Persons as were therein describ'd were seen at the Barr's-Head Inn in Braintree. I took Lloyd and his Wise at the Door; but Stevens got away into the Field. However, by the Directions of Mr. Manning, I found her hid in a Ditch among some Bushes. Oh! says she, as soon as she saw me. I deserve to be hang'd, for wronging such a Master. Several of the Goods were found upon 'em. They confess'd the Fact before the Justice, for which they were committed to Chelmsford Jail; but afterwards removed by a Habeas Corpus to Newgate.

It appear'd by several Witnesses, that Katharine Lloyd was the Wife of Thomas Lloyd , at the time that the Robbery was committed. Upon which, the Court inform'd the Jury that, according to the Laws of England, the Wife is entirely under the Power, Direction, and Influence of her Husband; and therefore, whatever she shall act by his Direction, or with his Knowledge, the otherwise of a Capital Nature, yet it must not be imputed to her as a Crime; but she must be acquitted. For as the Law gives Privileges on one side, it very justly grants Indulgences on the other; and it would be hard, if a Woman must suffer for acting in Obedience to a Power that she cannot resist. The Jury acquitted Kath-Lloyd, and found the other two Guilty . Death .

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