William Eaton.
7th April 1725
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William Eaton of S. Sepulchre's was indicted for assaulting John Evilhay on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Hat val. 5 s. a Wig val. 10 s. a Coat val. 40 s. a Wastecoat val 10 s. a Pair of Breeches val. 15 s. a Shirt and two Pair of Stockings val 6 s. and a Pair of Shoes val. 3 s. the Goods of John Evilhay , on the 27th of March last.

John Evilhay depos'd that on Saturday Night, about Nine o'Clock as he was going thro' Chartreux-Lane with a Suit of Cloaths in his Arms, his Heels were tript up; the Cloaths fell from him, and were lost; but it was so very dark, that he could not see who it was that had served him so.

John Hoskins thus depos'd: On the Wednesday next after Mr. Evilhay was robbed; he came to me in Queen's-street; Lincoln's-Inn-Fields and talking of his Loss he shew'd me a Pattern of the Cloth. Upon which I Called to mind, that I had seen the Prisoner Loitering about Lincoln's-Inn-Fields with

such a coloured Suit which was a great deal big for him Mr. Evilhay desired me to examine him. I saw him again which I think was the next day he then had only the Waste coat and Breeches on for the Coat as I afterwards heard, was at Pawn. I presently stopt him and demanded how he came by chose Cloths? He told me they were sent him by his Friends from Coventry. How came they to be made so? says I. Because, said he, I was growing. Afterwards he told me that the Lady Child gave them him; and at another time he said that be won them at Tossing-up in Moorfields one Sunday Morning.

Eliz Hysham thus depos'd: On the Monday after the Prosecutor was robbed, the Prisoner pawn'd the Coat to me for three Shillings; he fetch'd it out the next morning, and left it again Night for 5 Shillings. He clear'd it again, and would afterwards have had 7 Shillings upon it; but I began to suspect him, and would not take it in any more.

The Constable thus depos'd The Prisoner own'd to me, that himself, Bob Dowland and another, committed the Robbery. That Dowland had the Shoes and Stockings, the other had the Hat and Wig, and himself the Coat, Wastecoat and Breeches.

The Prisoner in his Defence said, that he stumbled over the Cloaths as he was going to Moorfields; so he took them into Smithfield Rounds, where he stript himself, put them on, and left his old Rags behind him. Guilty . Death .

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