James Camell, William Marshall.
7th April 1725
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James Camell and William Marshall , of Islington , were indicted for assaulting, in the open Field near the Highway, Hannah Ward , Spinster, now the Wife of George Bass , putting her in Fear, and taking from her a Handkerchief, and 5 Shillings in Money , on the 21st of March last.

They were a 2d time indicted for assaulting, in the same Field, and on the same day, Geo Bass , putting him in fear, and taking from him a Hat val. 6s. a Forth val. 30 s and 7 s. and 6 d. in Money, the Goods and Money of Geo. Bass

They were a 3d time indicted, of S. James's Clerkenwell , for assaulting William Lush in an open Field near the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him 9s 6d. in Money , on the 11th of March last.

Hannah Ward thus depos'd: On Sunday, a little before 8 at Night, I and my Husband (that is now) coming from (Islington , turned down by the Queen's-Head, and so went along by the Alms Houses into the first Field, where, as we were walking Arm in Arm, Camell and Marshall came up to us: Camell collar'd my Husband, and cry 'd, D - m ye, deliver your money. I was frighted, let go his Arm, and run away; but Camell bid Marshall seize me, and he accordingly follow'd me, pull'd my Hood back, clapt a Knife to my Throat, and swore if I made any Noise, he'd kill me. I fell down. He perceived I was frighted, and told me, he'd do me no Hurt if I would but be quiet. He took my Handkerchief off my Neck, and five Shillings out of my Pocket. Soon after they were gone, four Gentlemen came by, and guarded us to Sam Allen 's Cake house at the Shepherd and Shepherdess near the Pest House.

George Bass confirm'd his Wife's Evidence, and added, that Camell took his Frock, his Hat, and 7s. 6d. from him.

John Drury thus depos'd: I sometimes draw Drink at Mr. Allen's and was there when Mr. Bass and his Wife came in: They described the Men that robbed them, by which Mr. Allen and I took them to be a Couple of Fellows that we had seen loitering up and down thereabout, and concluded that Moorfields was a likely Place to find them in.

Thither I went two or three days, and at last I had the good Luck to see them at Bowls. I said nothing then, but fetch'd the Prosecutors. Mrs. Ward presently pointed out Marshall from a great Number of People, and said that she believed Camell (whose Back was towards her) was the other; and that she could be certain of it, if she heard him speak. The Words were hardly out of her Mouth, when he swore to one that stood by him, that he'd toss up who should go next She presently said, That's the Man. We fetch'd a Constable, and seiz'd him; which Marshall perceiving, ran off but he was quickly stopt. The Prisoners in their Defence said, that they were at another Place when the Robbery was committed, and called their Witnesses to prove it. Wilkinson, at the Jack of Newberry the Corner of Grub-street, deposed, that the Sunday the Robbery was committed, he had been at Winsmore-Hill, and returning at 7, he saw the Prisoners drinking in his House. He went up to Bed in about half an Hour, and left them there. John Limeham , at the Bell and Three Adzes in Grub-street, deposed, that at Eight o'Clock that Night, the two Prisoners came into his House, called for a Tankard of Beer, and said till Nine. That his House is near a Mile, or about a quarter of an Hour's Walk, from the Place where the Robbery was committed, and about a Furlong further from it than the Jack of Newberry is. Henry Cross deposed, that going along Mugwell-street, (in Noble-Street) Cripplegate Chimes went for Eight o'Clock. From thence he went directly thro' Cripplegate, and along Grub-Street, where he met the Prisoners coming as from the Fields towards Cripplegate. Elizabeth Eale deposed, that that Sunday Night, her Mistress sent her to the Jack of Newberry, and bid her see what it was o'Clock. It was half an Hour past Seven: The Prisoners were then there, and Wilkinson was going up Stairs (as she supposed) to Bed. James Smith , Turner and Pump-maker, in Chissel-street, deposed, that Camell had work'd Labouring-Work for him at several Gentlemen's Houses, and he never heard that he had been dishonest.

John Drury then deposed again thus: When we took the Prisoners in Upper Moorfields, which was on Wednesday the 24th of March, between Three and Four in the Afternoon, we carry'd 'em to the Green Dragon: and there they told us, that that Sunday Night they were at Wilkinson's (the Jack of Newberry) all Day, till Six in the Evening, and then went from thence to the Raven and Bell, where they staid till Nine; and then went back to the Jack of Newberry again. Guilty . Death . They were not try'd on the 3d Indictment.

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