Thomas Bradley, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 15th January 1725.

Reference Number: t17250115-54
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Thomas Bradley , of Stepney , was indicted for assaulting Margaret Cook on the Highway, putting her in Fear, and taking from her a Riding Hood value 25 s. the Goods of Jane Huckle , on the 9th of Jan. last.

Marg. Cook deposed, that going along Blackwall Causeway , between 8 and 9 at Night, the Prisoner came to her, took her by the Cloak, and said, Have you got any Money? She answer'd, No. Why then, says he, D - your Blood, you Bitch, I'll have your Life. She beg'd of him not to murder her; but he struck her three or four times with a Stick, and knock'd her down. He then turn'd up her Petticoats to feel for her Pocket, and did what he would with her. But finding no Money, he beat her again cruelly, and swore that he'd do her Business for her; and not withstanding her Cries and Entreaties, he drag'd her into the great Road, laid her in the Cart-rout, beat her again, and took away her Cloak. She cry'd out; and a Man coming by, prevented his doing her farther Mischief. Edward Hall deposed, that hearing some Blows given with a Stick, and a Woman crying Murder, he mended his Pace, and saw the Prisoner take the Cloak from the Prosecutor, and heard him swear that he'd have her Blood. He (this Witness) ask'd him what he was about? But the other, without answering, struck at him with a Stick, and went aside out of sight. He (his Deponent) then ran to the House of John Brounker , which was not far off, and told him of what had happen'd. J. Brounker depos'd, that going out, (upon Halls Information) he met the Prisoner, and stopt him upon Suspicion. E. Hall and others came to his Assistance: They went a little farther to see for the Woman, and by the Way they found her Cloak, and just by it the Prisoner's Stick and a Glove, which he deny'd to be his; but they found the Fellow of it in his Pocket. The Woman had made shift to get to the next house, which was a Tavern, and there they brought the Prisoner to her. Guilty . Death .

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