Abraham Deval.
14th October 1724
Reference Numbert17241014-42
VerdictsNot Guilty; Guilty

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Abraham Deval , of St. Martin's in the Fields , was indicted for counterfeiting a Certificate, No. 72. in the 68th Course of Payment for 52 l. 12 s. for seven Blank Lottery Tickets, in the Lottery 1723. to John Davis of Oxford. John Cog depos'd, That being invited to go with a Friend down in the Country, applying to the Prisoner to borrow his Horse, and saying his Father objected against furnishing him with Money for his Journey, he offered to lend him 20 Guineas, if he would go and sell him a Lottery-Certificate: That asking the Prisoner, Why he would not sell it himself? He reply'd, That he had it from, or it was owned by, one Johnson, and must be so endors'd; and he being a Clerk in the Lottery-Office it would not be so well for him: That he thereupon did go and sell it for 52 l. 3 s. and endorsed Johnson, according to his Direction, and carried the Money to the Prisoner, and he did lend him 20 Guineas of the Money. George Robinson depos'd, He bought the Certificate of John Cog . The Commissioners of the Lottery depos'd, It was a false Certificate: That the true Certificate, No. 72, in the 68th Course of Payment, was for 202 l. to one - Curson. That as to the Names with which the Certificate was signed, they were not written by them, though they were artfully counterfeited. Other Evidences, who were Fellow-Clerks with him in the Office, depos'd, That they did believe the filling up of the Certificate was the Prisoner's Hand-writing. The Prisoner in his Defence alledged, That he bought the Certificate in Exchange Alley, but did not know who he bought it of; and that George Robinson had sworn before the Justice, that he bought it of one Mr. Parsons. But it was contradicted that he swore it positively, but that he did verily believe he was the Man he bought it of. The Jury acquitted him.

He was also indicted a second Time, of the Ward of Cheap , for counterfeiting and forging one Blank Lottery Ticket, value 7 l. 10 s. No. 39, in the 65th Course of Payment, to one Solomon Grimstone , of Chappel, in Essex, the 7th of August last. Richard Gibbons depos'd, He bought the Ticket of the Prisoner, at John's Coffee-house, in Exchange Alley , and paid him for it 7 l. 9 s. That the Prisoner endos'd it by the Name A. Deval and he sold it again to another Person, and he carrying it to the Bank, it was found to be counterfeit. The Evidence as to the filling it up was much the same as the other, that they did verily believe it was written by the Prisoner, they knowing his Hand, he having been a Clerk in the Lottery Office : And the Commissioners depos'd, That tho' their Names were there, yet they did not believe them to have been written by themselves. Several Evidence depos'd, That searching the Prisoner's Lodgings they found nothing, but in his Brother in Law Parson's Room, in the same House, in a chest of Drawers, there was two or three Quires of Paper, and in that Paper was a Blank Certificate, and looking two or three Leaves further, they found a Ticket of the same Number, Course of Payment, and Sum, and Date, with the counterfeit Certificate, but torn in two Pieces, which the Commissioners and Officers did believe to be a true Ticket, and signed by themselves. Upon a full Hearing of the Matter, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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