Anthony Walraven, Sarah Walraven.
8th July 1724
Reference Numbert17240708-68
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty

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Anthony Walraven , was indicted for forging and counterfeiting Stamps, and stamping Dice, with these false Stamps, and uttering and vending the Dice stamped with these counterfeit Stamps, contrary to the said Statute . Mr. Love depos'd, That he apprehended the Prisoner, in Company with Mr. Rolloss, who among the Prisoner's Tools (he being a Watch Maker ) pull'd out a Parcel, which were produc'd in Court, that the Prisoner own'd to be his, and said he made them to stamp Buckles and Spoons, and afterwards said, he bought them among a parcel of old Tools. Mr. Rolloss depos'd to the same Purpose, and produced the Tools in Court, which he verily believed were the same Stamps where with those counterfeit Dice, that were produced in Court, and received from the Prisoner, were Stamped. Elizabeth Harris depos'd, That she lived in the same House with the Prisoner, and in the next Room, and she had oftentimes seen the Prisoner stamp Dice with such Sorts of Stamps.

The Prisoner deny'd the Facts of counterfeiting, stamping or selling the said Dice with false Stamps, and as to his having the Tools, he pretended he had bought them among a parcel of old Tools, and Pieces of Ivory, six Years ago, and there were Dice among the Pieces of Ivory; But having no Proof of this, and it being depos'd, That he had been seen to stamp Dice with these counterfeit Stamps; and he having, when he was apprehended, own'd that he made those Stamps to stamp Buckles and Spoons, for which Purpose they were of no Use, nor any other Use but stamping of Dice. The Jury found him guilty of forging and counterfeiting the Stamps, and of stamping Dice; but not of selling and vending them Death . His Wife , Sarah Walraven , was also indicted for stamping Dice, with these counterfeit Stamps ; but considering that it might: be done in Subjection to her Husband, they thought not sit to go through the Evidence against her, whereupon she was acquitted .

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