Dorothy Williams, Thomas Williams.
26th February 1724
Reference Numbert17240226-52
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty; Guilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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Thomas Williams , of the Parish of Hesson , and Dorothy his Wife , were indicted, with one Minton, not yet taken, for breaking the House of William Trantam , between the Hours of 6 and 8 at Night, and feloniously stealing divers Linnen, Plate and Money, to the Value of 10 l. the 3d of January last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That Thomas Williams, and one Dowman came into his House between 6 and 8 a-Clock at Night, and Dowman came in first, and Williams after him, but they were in Disguise, and Williams had in one Hand a Pistol, and in the other a naked Bayonet, and swore they came upon a desperate Design, they came for Money, and Money they would have; that Williams went up with him, and took a great deal of Linnen, his Spoons, Cup, and 2 Guineas, and 13 s. 6 d. out of his Pocket, and afterwards bound them all and went away. Thomas Dowman depos'd, That he lodg'd with the Prisoner Williams at Hounsloe, and he had often sollicited him to go with him a Robbing on the High-Way, and offered to get him Pistols, and did so; that also he proposed to rob the Prosecutor, saying, that he was a Farmer, and none but he and his Wife, were old, and worth Money; and Dorothy Williams his Wife, encouraged him, saying. There must be Money, for that she had borrow'd Money upon Rings there; and there must be also a great deal of Linnen, which they could never wear out. That they all went out about five in the Evening, and went to the Prosecutor's House, and Williams shew'd him the back Way into the House, where he saw the Prosecutor and his Wife sitting by the Fire; that being got into the Yard, over the Wall, he open'd the Door to let Williams in, and then they consulted how to get them to open the Door; and Williams said that such a Neighbour thereabouts used to entertain Lodgers, and to send for Eggs to the Prosecutor's, and he should knock at the Door, and say he was that Woman's Son, and wanted Eggs, and they would let him in; he did so, and the Door was open'd; he went in first, and Williams follow'd, and he staid below Stairs, while Williams went up and took he Money and Goods, and a great Quantity of Linnen, and went away; but the two Guineas and the Cup he conceal'd. The Fact being plainly prov'd, the Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death . But acquitted Dorothy Williams.

He was also indicted a second Time, for Assaulting and Robbing Williams Cole , of a Gold Watch, a Hanger, a Snuff-box, &c. the 22d of December last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That at Smallberry Green, near Hesson , two or three Men met him; that they struck him, and cut him in a barbarous Manner with a Hatchet on his Head, and robb'd him of the Things mentioned in the Indictment; and that the Prisoner confess'd to him in Newgate, that he did the Fact, and that he had the Watch, Snuff-box, &c. again, upon the Information of Dowman; and they were found hidden under the Boards in the Prisoner's House. Dowman depos'd, That he and the Prisoner, and one Minton, went out to rob on Smallberry Green, and beat about the Lane, for an Hour; that meeting with no Prey, they at length met the Prosecutor; that they robb'd the Prosecutor, as he had related, took those Things from him, and carried them to William's House, and his Wife hid them under the Boards; and he upon being apprehended, inform'd the Prosecutor where they were, and they were found accordingly. The Jury found him guilty of this Indictment likewise.

He was also indicted a third Time, for assaulting John Fletcher , on the High-Way, and Robbing him of 15 s. a Silver Stud, &c. the 23d of December last. The Prosecutor depos'd, that being on the Road near Southal, in Windmil-Lane , the Prisoner and two others met him, and knock'd him off from his Horse, and robb'd him of 15 s. and a Silver Stud. William Dowman confirm'd the Fact, that it was done by the Prisoner; himself, and Thomas Piper , since dead in Newgate. That Williams carried out a Hatchet under his Coat, and having been out to rob three Nights, and not met with any Body to rob, he was in a Rage, and swore he would rob the next Man he met; and that if either of them flinch'd him, he would cut him to pieces. That some Time after they met with the Prosecutor and robb'd him; and the Prosecutor depos'd, That the Prisoner in Newgate own'd that he was at the committing of the Fact, and gave him his Silver Stud. The Prisoner not having any Thing material to say in his Defence, the Jury found him guilty of this Indictment also. Death .

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