John Stanley.
4th December 1723
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John Stanley , of London , Gent . was indicted for the Murder of Hannah Maycock , Widow , by giving her one mortal Wound, with a Sword, on the last Part of the Body. near the left Pap, of the Breadth of half an Inch, and the Depth of 9 Inches, of which she instantly dy'd , the 20th of October last. He was likewise indicted a second Time on the Coroner's longest for the same.

Mary Morehen depos'd, That Mrs. Maycock having been at Mrs. Leek's, to visit one Mrs. Edwards, who was sick, when she went away, desired Mrs. Leek, that if her Friend Mrs. Edwards grew worse, she might be sent for; and Mrs. Edwards growing worse, accordingly about 10 a Clock at Night, her Couzin Mrs. Leek desir'd her to go for Mrs. Maycock, and Mr. Hammond went along with her, to Mrs. Maycock's Lodgings, in Burleigh Street, that as they were all three coming back, near the King's Head Tavern, at Chancery Lane, there came to them two Gentlemen, who clasp'd their Arms round Mrs. Maycock and her self, and said they should go a long with them. That upon this Mr. Hammond seeing them stop Mrs. Maycock and her self, desired them to let them go, telling them we belong'd to him. That then the Gentlemen swore that we should go with them, or they would go with us, saying, they would know who we were, and whether we were going. That while Mr. Hammond was disputing with the Gentlemen, and they were desiring them to go about their Business, Mrs. Maycock looking into Mr. Stanley's Face, knew him, and said to him, what, Captain , is it you? and he requiring to know where she was going, was told to Mr. Hammond's House in the Old Bailey. That then the Prisoner said he was glad he had met with her, and he would go with her, for which she thank'd him, but telling him there was no Occasion, since Mr. Hammond was there himself to take Care of them. But he being resolute, would go with them; and being about St. Dunstan's Church, the Prisoner spoke to the other Gentleman who was with him, and bid him go back to such a Place, and he would come to him presently; but he not going back, he said to him, why don't you go, and adding something in a Language unknown to her, which she suppos'd to be French, he at last did go away, seemingly with the utmost Unwillingness. That then the Prisoner bid Mr. Hammond go before, but he would not; and the Prisoner went with Mrs. Maycock, and she follow'd them. That as they were going along, the Prisoner struck a Man he met, and near Fleet-Bridge, a Woman that was crossing the Way: That when they came to the Old Bailey, to Mr. Hammond's House, they thank'd the Prisoner for his Civility in waiting upon them home, desir'd him to go home, but he would not, but would go in, which they endeavoured to disswade him from, saying, Mrs. Maycock was going to stay all Night with a Gentlewoman that was sick, and they had not any Conveniency for his staying; and that the Deceas'd rush'd in, and the Prisoner after her, Mr. Hammond after the Prisoner, and she after Mr. Hammond; that they went into the Kitchin, where she saw them standing, the Prisoner on one side of the Door, and the Deceased on the other: That soon after Mr. Hammond went into the Yard, and she having pull'd off her Cloak, and the Head of it, went into the Shop to fetch some Milk she was going to boil for her Supper, but was no sooner got in, and had taken the Milk into her Hand, which was not above the Space of two or three Minutes, before she heard the Deceased cry out, Mrs. Leek, Mrs. Leek, I am stabb'd, I am murder'd; upon which in a Fright, she threw down her Milk, and ran to the Kitchen Door, asking what was the Matter to which the Prisoner reply'd, nothing: That the Deceased was then standing on one side of the Table, with her Hands cross her Break, looking at the Prisoner with all the Innocence imaginable, and in a little Time fell down on the Ground, and said to her, dear Mrs. Morehen, I am stabb'd, and the Prisoner on the other side of the Table flourishing his Sword, Swearing, that whatever Man or Woman entered the Room he would kill them; upon which she fell down on her Knees in the Door Way, entreating both for her own Life, (he directing the Sword to her Breast) and that he would permit some Help to come, that what Injury had been done might be repair'd, and crying out for a Surgeon, Mr. Hammond came in, out of the Yard, but could not enter the Room, she being on her Knees in the Door Way, but afterwards some other Persons coming, and slipping by into the Room, and attempting to disarm the Prisoner, he suffer'd his Sword to be taken away, and submitted, saying, his Name was John Stanley: That then she ran and fetch'd Mr. Snowd the Surgeon, who coming in, the Prisoner lay'd himself over the Deceased, and said, My dear Hannah, won't you speak to me? That Mr. Snowd said to the Prisoner, what, Captain Stanley, will you never have done with these Tricks? And viewing Mrs. Maycock, said she was dead; that then they got her up Stairs, cut her Lace, Strings of her Cloathes, &c. and got her to Bed; that in a little Time after she came to herself, and said she was stabb'd she was murder'd she was a dead Woman, and calling upon God for Mercy, died in about an Hour and half after the Wound was given. Mr. Hammond depos'd much to the same Purpose with Mrs. Morehen, adding, that the Prisoner did not seem to be drunk, but walk'd very well as they came along. That after they had come in to his House, he having set a Candle in the Kitchin, went into the Yard to the Necessary House, and saw through the Window the Prisoner and Deceased stand leaning near the Window, and talking together friendly, as he thought, but he was no sooner set down on the Vault, but he heard an Outcry of Murder. Whereupon he ran in and saw the Prisoner with his Sword drawn in his Hand, standing upon a Parry, and swearing that if he came into the Room he would kill him, and every one that entered the Room, come as many as wou'd. That Mrs. Morehen being kneeling in the Door Way, he could not get to him without going over her, so he went to the Shop to get a couple of Broom-sticks, designing first to throw in one at the Prisoner, and so put him in Disorder, and then to rush in and knock down his Sword with the other, but some Women getting into the Room, got hold of him, and he quietly let go his Sword, and said he would do no Harm, that he had kill'd the Woman, and he must be hang'd for it. That then they got a Surgeon, and Things afterwards were as Mrs. Morehen had depos'd. Mrs. Hammond depos'd, That hearing an Outcry, of Mrs. Leek, Mrs. Leek, I am stabb'd, and a faint Shriek, she being lame, made what Haste she could down, and slipp'd in between the Door and the Prisoner, and found the Prisoner with his Sword drawn, and the Deceased on the Ground all bloody; that she caught hold of the Prisoner's Arm, as did another Woman, Mrs. Addesey, and took his Sword from him; and the Prisoner looking on the Deceased, said, I have wounded her, if she be

not dead, I hope she will. That he afterwards lay down across the Deceas'd, and said to her, Dear Hannah, speak to me; Hannah, for God's sake speak to me. Then getting up, said, You have been a damn'd Bitch. That when the Surgeon came in he spoke to the Prisoner, as had been before depos'd; and, that looking upon Mrs. Maycock, be said to the Prisoner, I will give you my Word you have done her Business. That he reply'd, He had had a Child by her that was three Years and a half old, and if Mrs. Maycock was dead, he must die, and the Child should die, and there would be an end of them all. That they sent for the Watch, and the rest was as before depos'd.

Mrs. Addesey depos'd, That Mrs. Hammond and she coming down upon the Out cry, found the Deceas'd and Prisoner, as had been before depos'd, and slipping in by him, and taking hold of his Arm, he deliver'd his Sword to her. And as for what follow'd after was as the other Evidences had depos'd. Mr. Snowd the Surgeon depos'd to the same purpose, to what the other Evidences had depos'd. As to his saying to the Prisoner, What, Captain, will you never have done with these Tricks? That he answered, No. &c. That he found the Wound mortal, and told them, though she did come to her self after having been put to Bed yet she would not live till Morning, though, for Decency sake, he did dress the Wound. The Constable depos'd, That having apprehended the Prisoner, as he was carrying him to the Watch-house, he swore outragiously, and said, If she was not dead he hop'd she would be. The Prisoner, in his Defence, deny'd nothing as to the committing the Fact, nor the Manner of it, but only in Palliation said, That he had had a Child by the Deceas'd, which was now three Years and a half old, and speaking to her, and upbraiding her with Unnaturalness, in not taking care to make and provide some Clothes for the Child, telling her, his Circumstances were such, that he was now oblig'd to leave the Kingdom, she (he suppos'd) was provok'd, that he should speak of it where nothing of it was known, struck him, gave him ill Language, &c. which rais'd his Passion to give her the Wound, not knowing what he did. He called several Persons, who would have perswaded the Court to look upon him as a Person lunatick. But these Evidences not being satisfactory as to that Point, the Jury found him guilty or both Indictments. Death . After having received Sentence he said, Death was welcome to him, he having been treated so unkindly by his Relations or Friends.

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