Thomas Saunders.
4th December 1723
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Thomas Saunders , of St. Giles's Cripplegate , was indicted for feloniously stealing, 14 Board Pieces of Gold, 26 Guineas, and 10 l. in Silver, a Silver Porringer, Spoons, and other Goods , the Goods of Robert Wheeler , the 19th of July last. The Prosecutor depos'd, That the Prisoner was a Lodger in his House, and he being abroad, and his Wi fe and the Prisoner's Wife being gone out, about the Prisoner's Business, they left the Prisoner at House, and in the Interim, the Money, &c. were taken away. The Prosecutor's Wife depos'd, That when they went out, she double lock'd the Door, and as they were going along, she was under Apprehension of some Mischief, and said to his Wife, I wish while we are gone, the Rogue your Husband does not rob me; to which the Prisoner's Wise replied, That tho' the Prisoner had said, he had been as great a Rogue, and deserv'd Hanging as well as any Body had done, and had escap'd it, yet he had several Times said, he would never do such a Thing so near home. That when she came home, she found her Door broken open, and her Box, and all her Things broken and thrown about, and all that they had been working for all their Life, to keep them when they were old, taken away; and that the Prisoners's Daughter said, an Awl and some Things that she found in their Room, were her Father's; and that he absconded ever since. Two Evidences depos'd, That when they apprehended him, which was at an Ale-House, the Fox and Goose in Bunhill Fields, they asked him, what made him come there to be hang'd? And he reply'd, that he could not help it, for he had never been easy in his Mind since he had done it. And asking him what he had done with the Money, he said he had lost it next Day by a Whore, and as for the Prosecutor's Hat, he lost on Board a Ship, it falling over Board. Another Evidence depos'd, That he knew the Prisoner to have the Awl that was found in the Prosecutor's Lodgings, after the Fact was done, on Board of Ship. and also the Sheath of the Knife, they being Ship Mates. He likewise depos'd, That after the Commission of the Fact, he met the Prisoner at Graves End, and ask'd him what he had done about his Landlord's Business, and that the Prisoner answer'd him, he had made it up, having made two Trips to France, and run Brandy, and had paid them 40 l. at two Payments, 20 l. at a Time. The Jury found him guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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