Jeremiah Garraway, Thomas Sly.
30th May 1723
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VerdictGuilty > lesser offence

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Jeremiah Garraway and Thomas Sly , of the Parish of St. Margaret, Lothbury , were indicted for breaking the House of Robert-Hoe , in the Night-time, and stealing a Silver Salver, Value 4 l. a Silver Tankard, Value 6 l. 2 Silver Salts, Value 20 s. and other Plate , the 28th of April last. Mr. Hoe depos'd, that between 2 and 3 a Clock in the Morning, he was call'd up by the Watchman, who told him his Cellar door was open; that going down he found it so, and that the Plate was gone. That thereupon he went to Mr. Wild, and acquainted him with it, and not long after a Message was sent to him by Mr. Wild, that he had taken one of those that committed the Fact. Jonathan Wild depos'd, the Prosecutor came to him, to acquaint him with the Robbery; that he inquiring of him the manner of the committing the Robbery, he told the Prosecutor, the Secret lay in his own Family: That however he promising to serve him as far as he could, his Daughter came to him to show him some other Plate, to see the Arms or Graving that was upon it, and that while she was there a Messenger came from Stephen Gardener , to ask him if he was employ'd to enquire after that Robbery, and to tell him there was a Person would come to him, and inform him concerning it, if he would give his Word he might be safe, and he made a Voluntary Evidence. That he having given his Word for his Safety, as to him, he came and gave him an Information of the Robbery, and the Persons concern'd in it, and that there was one Nan Gill at that Time in Woodstreet Compter, which had had the Place to sell, and had kept the Money, and cheated him and his Comrades . That upon this be went to the Compter, and took Ann Gill , who was not then a Prisoner there, but was only gone thither to see one of her Acquaintance; that knowing she was a Dealer in bad Money, and seeing her have something that he thought was Money, he told

her he wanted to see what Money she had; to which she reply'd, if that was all she was safe enough, for hers was good Money, and show'd it him, which was about 6 l. That then he secur'd her in the Compter. That Gardiner informing him that Garraway was at Nan Gill's Lodging, having hurt himself, that he was lame, he went thither and found him, and afterwards by his Information took Sly in Grubstreet, and afterwards carry'd them before Sir John Fryer . Stephen Gardiner depos'd, that Jeremiah Garraway told him, he had a rich Unkle that liv'd in Lothbury (the Prosecutor being interrogated, answer'd he was his Wife's Sister's Son) and that as they were taking a Walk in the Fields they met Nan Gill, and she offer'd to treat them with a Pot of Drink; that they went in to drink, but Sly refus'd to go in, and that they had two Pots of Drink, and a Quartern of Geneva; that there they discoursed of the intended Robbery, and Nan Gill ask'd what Quantity of Plate there was, and Garraway answer'd, To the Value of about 30 l. That he this Evidence said, that if they did get it, he did not know where to sell it; but Nan Gill took that upon her. That Garraway, Sly, and himself, went together about 9 a Clock at Night to the Prosecutor's House, and Garraway bid them go in and cheapen a pair of Gold Scales, telling them there was a Key that went into a Pin in such a Place of a Cellar-door, bidding them take an Opportunity to pull it out: That they did go in, but could not get an Opportunity to pull it out; and coming out and telling him so, he swore they were a couple of Fools . That then Garraway went in himself, and supp'd with his Cousins, and when he came out told them he had pull'd the Key out of the Pin, and made all things ready to get in. That then he went in again, and said about half an Hour; that then they went into Moorfields, and walk'd about till after 11 a Clock, and came to the House again at almost 12, but Sly espying a Light in the House, they walk'd about till almost one a Clock; and supposing all then to be fast asleep, Sly pull'd out the Pin, took out the Bar and Garraway went in, and in half an Hour brought out the Plate, and gave the Tankard and Salver to Sly, and that the Plate being dispos'd to each of them some, they would have gone out at Cripplegate, but did not dare to adventure, because of the Watch; that then going to Moorgate, where there was but one Watchman, there Sly went through first, and in about half a quarter of an Hour Garraway and he this Evidence went through into Moorfields, and thence to Nan Gill's where being let in, they set the Plate down on the Table, and Nan Gill poising it in her Hand, said it was but light, and so would not fetch a great deal, but as she judg'd about 7 l. s but telling them she would sell it for them, and would not wrong them of a half Peny, that she did go to sell the Plate, but he saw her no more till she was secured. The Prisoners deny'd the Fact, and call'd some to their Reportation. Some depos'd they knew Garraway, that he had kept a Turner's Shop in Fenchurch-street, which he left off about New-Years-Day last. The Fact being thus plainly prov'd, the Jury found them guilty of the Felony in stealing the Plate, but acquitted them of the Burglary . Transportation .

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