Charles Weaver.
16th January 1723
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Charles Weaver , of the Parish of St. John Wapping , was indicted for the Murder of Eleanor Clark , Widow , by giving her one mortal Wound, of the Length of half an Inch, and the Depth of 7 Inches, with a Sword, on the left Part of the Body, near the Shoulder, of which she instantly died , on the 6th of December last. He was a Second Time indicted on the Statute of Stabbing. And also a Third Time upon the Coroner's Inquest upon the same. Tho Watkins , a Waterman, depos'd, That Edward Morris and the Prisoner hired him, at Strand Bridge, to carry them to the Red House at Deptford. That he carried them and waited to bring them back: That while he waited upon them, Eleanor Clark , the deceased, meeting with Edward Morris , ask'd him if he was going to London, and he saying he was, they having Business with a Woman that liv'd at the Prince's head, they drank at the White Hart; and that as he was carrying them to London, and they were come near the Horns, the deceased said to the Prisoner, Why don't you give Mr. Morris his Money? You went down to Deptford, to do him service, and to make Matters better, and you make Matters worse. That thereupon the Prisoner took some Money out of his Pocket, as if he would give it him, but put it into his Pocket again, and said, He should not have it 'till to Morrow. That when they came near Execution Dock , the deceased said again, Weaver , Why don't you give Morris his Money? 'tis like your Irish Tricks. That upon this he said, D - n you, you Bitch, and drew his Sword, and swore he would throw them both over-board, and did endeavour to do it; but he endeavour'd, by leaning on the other Side, to prevent the Boat from over-turning: That then he said, He would kill them all Three, and drew his Sword; upon which the deceased said, Is the Man mad? and the Prisoner made Passes at them with his Sword; and that Morris laying hold of him, he immediately saw Eleanor Clark learning over the Bootside, and bleeding. That then he endeavour'd to run the Boat ashore, and another Waterman jump'd into the Boat, and seiz'd the Prisoner. Price Sturgil , another Waterman, depos'd, That he being in his Boat, near New Crane, saw the Prisoner in a Boat, brandishing his Sword, and he was afraid that he would have overturn'd the Boat. That he saw him make a Pass at the Waterman, and also at Morris; and that the Woman, when he jump'd into the Boat, was wounded, and died immediately. Edward Morris depos'd, that having some Business at Deptford, he ask'd the Prisoner to go with him, telling him, He was in Danger of being arrested: That thereupon he agreed to go with him, and told him he should put on his Soldier's Cloaths, and he himself would take upon him to be his Serjeant, and secure him; that they did hire a Boat to go to Deptford, and there accidentally met with the deceased, who was a Neighbour and Acquaintance. That having Business with one Jane - at the Prince's Head, who had a Demand upon him for some Money; that they being drinking together, he laid 3 s. 6 d. down for James - ; but the Prisoner catch'd up the Money, and said she should not have it, and that was the Money which the deceas'd call'd upon the Prisoner to return to him, telling him he had all Day treated him very handsomely: And that he thereupon curs'd and damn'd them, and having drawn his Sword, made Passes at them, and the Woman was wounded; and confirm'd all the Circumstances the Waterman had depos'd. The Surgeon depos'd, that he hearing of the Accident, went immediately to the deceased, into the Boat, but found she was dead; but afterwards examining the Wound, found that it had pierced through the Intercostal Muscles, and through both Lobes of the Lungs , and was the Cause of her Death. The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, and pleaded, That the deceas'd receiv'd the Wound by Mr. Morris, to whom he had lent the Sword. But it was depos'd , That the Prisoner though he had at his Soldier's Sword and Cloths, yet he took his sword again , before or at their coming from Deptford. Upon a full Hearing of the matter, the Jury found him guilty of all Three Indictments. Death .

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