John Allen, Theft > theft from a specified place, 5th December 1722.

John Allen , alias Henry Robinson , of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields , was indicted for feloniously stealing 6 Blankets, value 20 s. 2 Quilts, value 30 s. 2 Looking-Glasses, value 45 s. 2 Sheets, value 10 s. 2 Curtains, value 10 s. 2 Sconces, value 5 s. the Goods of Lewis Baker , in the Dwelling-house of the said Lewis Baker , the 22 d of November last. Ann Baker depos'd, That two Women having taken a Lodging in her House, the Prisoner came with them the first Night, lighting them with a Candle in a Lanthorn, that the next Morning about 5 a-Clock, she hearing a Noise call'd out to a Nurse who was in the House, and getting out of her Bed, went down Stairs, found her Street-Door open, her Goods and her new Lodgers gone. Elizabeth Cheshire depos'd, That her Mistress having let the Lodging to the two Women, the Prisoner came with them, as was before depos'd: That when they came there, the Women said to the Prisoner, Mr. William, Pray walk in, and carried him up in to their Lodgings, and gave him a Dram, asking him, If his Master would not let him bring their Things. He reply'd, Yes, no doubt, and he would bring them. That one of them pretended to let him out, but whether he went away, or did stay all Night, they were not certain, but did suspect the latter. That the next Morning, about six a Clock, she saw the Prisoner hovering about, or passing by the Door, and crying out to stop him, he was seized by one that passed by. That when the Constable came the Prisoner did own. he lighted the Women thither, said he knew them: that he would carry them where the Goods were. That they took a Coach, and went about with him from place to place, but were not carried to the Goods. Thomas Violet , another Evidence, depos'd, That he went to the Prisoner in Newgate, and he directed him to go to one Mr. Stokes, who would carry them to the Person who lost the Goods. Mrs. Violet depos'd, That a Women came to her to buy Goods, telling her, that her Aunt was dead, and had left the Goods, and she, the other Women, and one or two more Relations, were to bury her, and sold the Goods for that purpose. That she bought the Goods for five Pounds; and that she having reason afterwards to suspect they were stolen, made diligent Enquiry after the Person who had lost them, and did by Stoke's Direction find Mrs. Baker, and let her have her Goods again. It was also depos'd, That one of the Women which had taken Mrs. Baker's Lodgings, was, or did pass for the Prisoner's Wife, and that the other was his sister, and that the Goods were carried and sold at the Prisoner's Lodgings. The Jury, after having heard the whole Matter, found him not guilty .

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