Edmund Neal, William Pincher, Edmund Neal, William Pincher.
5th December 1722
Reference Numbert17221205-5
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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Edmund Neal , and William Pincher , of the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch , were indicted for assaulting and robbing , on the 13th of November last, and taking from the said Joseph Dormy a Linnen-Cap, value 6 Pence, and 3 Pence 3 Farthings in Copper Money. Joseph Dormy depos'd, That he and his Wife going by the Haberdashers Almshouses at Hoxton , about 9 a-Clock at Night of the Day aforesaid, he was knock'd down by the Prisoners; that he was knock'd down by Pincher, and rifled by Edmund Neal , who roll'd him about on the Ground, and tore his Breeches to Pieces in searching his Pockets, that he took from him 3 Pence 3 Farthings in Copper Money. His Wife confirm'd what her Husband had said, adding, That she going a little Way before her Husband, the Prisoners came up to them, and having knock'd down her Husband, and beating of him, she turn'd back and begg'd of them not to beat and abuse him, he being very antient; that thereupon Neal came up to her, and knock'd her down, calling her Bitch, threatning to murder her if she made any Noise; but she not being able to refrain crying out, he beat and abus'd her mercilessly, beat out two of her Teeth, wounded her in the Head, that she bled very much, and did almost kill her. And that the more she cry'd for Mercy, the more they beat and abus'd her. Richard Bays depos'd, That about 9 a-Clock at Night, he hearing a Cry of Murder, and being a Head-borough, ran out to be assisting to the distressed, having with him two Dogs: That coming to the Prosecutors, the Old Man was but just got up, and the Woman upon the Ground, very much abus'd, and in a bloody Condition; that inquiring which Way the Rogues were gone, the Old Man pointed, that he pursu'd with his Dogs, and that when he came up to the Prisoners, who had taken into the Fields, he found Pincher lying on the Ground, feigning himself to be drunk; that other Persons also being come to his Assistance, they bid Pincher rise, but he not doing so, they attempted to help him up, but he refus'd to rise, bidding them let him alone, telling them he was choaked, he was strangled, asking them if they came to rob him, bidding them take what he had, but not abuse him. That in the mean Time Edward Neal came up, and they having got Pincher up, they tax'd him with the Robbery committed, upon which Neal told them he knew Pincher, that he was an honest Fellow, that he did not believe be would do any such Fact. That upon this Bays being a Constable, told them, he suspected him to be his Companion, and so secur'd him also. The Old Man swore positively that the Prisoners were the Persons who had knock'd him down and robb'd him, he having had a full View of them, it being a bright Moonshine Night, and that his Cap was found upon one of them in New Prison. The Jury found them both Guilty of the Indictment . Death .

Edmund Neal , and William Pincher , were indicted a Second Time for assaulting and robbing Solomon Nichols , on the said 13th of October , and taking from him a Steel-Box, value 3 Pence, a Knife, value 3 Pence, a Tinder-Box, value 6 Pence, two Half-Pence, and two Farthings . The Prosecutor depos'd, That he had been out expecting to have receiv'd 40 or 50 Shillings; that going home by Hoxton , three Men jumped over the Bar, that they came up to him, and Pincher darted his right hand into his Face, that he was knock'd down, that he told them he had no Money, desir'd them not to abuse him; that they rifled him, and took from him the Things mentioned in the Indictment: And that Neal while he was rifling, gave him a Slap on the Face, bidding him turn his Head another Way from looking on him. That he desired them not to hurt him, and he would not concern himself about them. That he went afterwards to the Hampshire Hog at Hoxton, where finding John Dickman he told him how he had been serv'd, and supposing the Persons who had robb'd him, would rob thereabouts that Night, they both went out in Search after them, and hearing the Outcry of Murther, made by Mrs. Dormy, they came and assisted at the apprehending the Prisoners, and they being search'd, the Things they had taken from him were found upon them. John Dickman depos'd, That he going to drink at the Hampshire Hog aforesaid, Mr. Nichols came in, and said he had been set upon by 3 Villains and robb'd; whereupon they resolv'd to go in Search after them, and hearing the outcry of Murther, pursu'd them into the Field and took them, as has been before related. James Taylor depos'd, That he hearing the Cry of Murder, he went out, and found Mrs. Dorny just got up from the Ground all bloody, and there were several Persons after the Prisoners, that he went also, and that he laid hold of Neal, who came pretending to vindicate Pincher's Innocency, saying he knew him, he was an honest Fellow; and that after Nichols's Goods had been found in Pincher's Pocket, Neal acknowledg'd that they had robb'd Dorny and his Wife, and Nichols, and that there was another Person concern'd with them in the Robbery; he own'd that they had been drinking together at the Yorkshire Gray in Old-Street, and there they agreed to go a robbing together. This was confirm'd by Mr. Bays, Mathew Longworth , Tho Bowler , and other Evidences. The Prisoners both pleaded Ignorance of the Matter, positively deny'd that they were concern'd in the Robbery, but this did not avail them. The Jury found them both guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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