William Marr, Violent Theft > highway robbery, Theft > grand larceny, 10th October 1722.

Reference Number: t17221010-14
Offences: Violent Theft > highway robbery; Theft > grand larceny
Verdicts: Guilty
Punishments: Death
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William Marr , of St. Margaret Westminster , was indicted for assaulting Michael Paxton on the Highway, and taking from him a Hat, value 5 s. and a Cane value 5 s. on the 21st of September last. He was a second time indicted for feloniously stealing a Laced-Hat, value 4 s. the Goods of Mary Sedgwick on the 21st of September last. Michael Paxton depos'd, That about eight at Night, between the Horse-Guards and Admiralty Office, Westminster , somebody threw him down, and run away with his Hat and Cane. Next Day hearing that the Prisoner was apprehended, he went to him in the Gatehouse, who own'd that he rob'd him, but desired him not to Prosecute, because he designed to make himself an Evidence against several others: Mrs. Sedgwick deposed, That she found the Hat at the Guard-House which she lost out of her Shop. Thomas Walker Constable deposed, That he went with Mrs. Sedgwick to the Prisoner, and heard him own that about 7 a Clock he took the Hat out of the Shop, and about an Hour afterwards knockt Paxton down; adding, that the Devil should not have taken him if he had not been Drunk: The Prisoner in his defence said that he was Drunk when he made his Confession before the Justice, but that being disproved by the Constable and other Witnesses: The Prisoner replyed, he wonder'd how they could swear he was not drunk, when they knew he was forced to be led all the way thither. Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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