Arthur Hughs, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 7th September 1722.

Reference Number: t17220907-40
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Arthur Hughs , of St. Martin in the Fields , was a 2d time indicted for assaulting Jane Young on the Highway, and taking from her a Pocket, a Handkerchief, and 9 s. and 3 half pence in Money , on the 17th of July last. Jane Young depos'd, that going along Panton street , about 10 at Night, she saw 4 Men sitting on a Bench. One of his threw her down, cut off her Pocket, and threw it to his Comrade; that he punched her on the Breast with a short Stick which he carried in his Sleeve, and ran away. Francis Martin depos'd, that he stopt the prisoner with the Stick in his Sleeve, who said he had been playing at Trap Ball. Guilty .

[Death. See summary.]

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