William Burridge, Theft > animal theft, 28th February 1722.

Reference Number: t17220228-30
Offence: Theft > animal theft
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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William Burridge , alias Berridge , of St. Martin in the Field , was indicted for feloniously Stealing a Bay Gelding, val.8 l. the Goods of Will. Wragg , on 23. of Jan . last. Mr. Brecknock depos'd that he receiv'd a Letter from Mr. Wragg, to inform him that he had lost his Horse, (which Horse Mr. Brecknock had often seen.) Soon after he saw the prisoner ride by the end of Bond-street upon that very Horse. They dog'd him to the Falcon Inn, where going to seize him he pluck'd out a Pistol, and swore if they touch'd him he'd shoot'em through the Head; by which means he escap'd into the Fields, where he was at last taken. In his Defence, he said, he bought the Horse at the RoyalOak in Leicester. William Strickland depos'd, that he came to the Royal Oak at Leicester, on a Monday in the Evening, where he saw the prisoner and one Mr. Hill making a Bargain about a Horse. The prisoner paid 12l. to Mr. Hill, and Hill gave a Receipt for the Money, which he saw the Maid sign. Elizabeth Ashworth depos'd, that Strickland came to lodge at her Mistress, the Royal Oak at Leicester, on the Night when the prisoner bought the Horse. That she that Night saw the prisoner pay 12 l. in Gold to Thomas Hill for the Horse, and she her Self Sign'd the Receipt. The Receipt was

then produc'd in Court, dated January the 6th, which fell out on a Saturday. Besides, the Horse was in the Prosecutor's possession till the 23d of Jan. and therefore could not be sold to the prisoner on the 6th. Upon these apparent Perjuries Strickland and Ashworth were order'd into Custody, and the prisoner was found guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

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