John Wigley, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 30th August 1721.

Reference Number: t17210830-51
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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John Wigley , of St. Mary at Islington , was indicted for Assaulting Symbol Conyers on the High-Way on the 7th of August last, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Silver Watch, value 6 l. a pair of Silver Spurs value 20 s. a Silk Handkerchief value 1 s. a Penknife, and 4 s. in Money . The Prosecutor deposed that he was robb'd the 7th of August about 9 at Night, within 300 Yards of Islington , by 3 Foot-Pads; that one cry'd knock him, the other two held their Pistols to his Breast; and that they took him off his Horse. That he hearing Burridge was in New-Prison, went to him, who described the Manner of the Robbery, and the things lost, and told him that Elizabeth Thompson had his Spurs. Jonathan Wild deposed that Burridge told him that the Prisoner, Shaw and himself did the Fact. That he (this Evidence) knew Wigley (who had been a Prisoner there before) and that Burridge and the Prisoner were acquainted together; that Burridge told him they took a pair of Spurs lined with Steel, a Watch and Money. William Burridge deposed that the Prisoner Shaw, and himself committed the Fact, and that they robb'd a Coach at the same time; that he had known the Prisoner 3 Years, who was the first Person that took this Evidence abroad a robbing. Mr. Conyers being call'd again and askt, deposed that they did rob a Coach when they had done with him, and that his Spurs were lined with Steel. The Prisoner denied the Fact, and said that it was a malicious Prosecution in Burridge, who Courted one he advised not to have him. And that he was at another place, and called the following Evidence. Alice Hunt deposed that the Prisoner (her Brother) came to her House in Poppin's Court in Fleet-street the 7th of August last, about 5 in the Afternoon, and staid there till 7 the next Morning, that his Wife and he were at Variance and going to part; that she askt him to stay there that Night (she having no Body but her Children and her self at Home, and he being to go to Camberwell to work next Day) and told him he should not want what she could assist him with. That she remembred the Day of the Month because it was the same Day she set down 8 Bushels of Malt for Capt.Busbey's Servant, who could not write, and the Captain being out of Town, she used to come to her to set down what she sold, (but could not produce this Servant she kept the Accompt for.) This Accompt being lookt into, appeared to be a Cross made in the Margent of an Almanack, against the Seventh of August, and at the Bottom of the Page was writ Eight Bushels of Malt. Being askt whether she knew George Alley, said No, but being told it was strange she should not know where her Brother liv'd, said she did not know it by Name. Rebekah Stewart deposed, that she was at the former Evidence's that Day, and dined with the Prisoner there. He also Called several to his Reputation, one who said that he was a Plaisterer, and worked for Mr. Weymer in Hatton Garden a Month, used to be paid at his House, and knew no ill of him. The Jury considering the whole matter, found him Guilty . Death .

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