John Winship, Violent Theft > highway robbery, 12th July 1721.

Reference Number: t17210712-22
Offence: Violent Theft > highway robbery
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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John Winship , of St. Pancras , was indicted for Assaulting Christopher Lowther , Esq ; on the High-Way, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Silver Watch value 5 l. a Purse 6 d. and 10 Guineas , on the 25th of May last. William Size deposed, that as he was driving Mr. Lowthar in his Coach to Hatfield and so to Yorkshire on the 25th of May between 4 and 8 in the Morning, a Man rode up to him between St. Pancras-Church and the Half-way-house , with a Pistol in his Hand and bid him stand; that he went to the Gentleman in the Coach, swore G...d d..n you, your Watch, your Purse, deliver, which he took: that he was on a Grey Horse with a whisk Tail, had a white Fustian Frock and a black Mask on; that he could not swear to the Prisoner; but when he put the Frock on which was found in his Lodgings he was very like him. William Clarke deposed that he took the Prisoner in Drury-Lane, and found in his Lodgings a White Frock and a long Hunting-Whip. That the Prisoner's Wife fell on her Knees and desired him not to discover the Frock for God's sake. Mr. Gibson deposed that as he was drinking by St. Pancras-church with a Friend or two, the Prisoner, (whom he knew before) came up to them, call'd for half a quartern of Brandy, ask'd this Evidence to drink a Glass of it (which he did) that he said he came to drink the Waters, but the Wells not being open, he said he would take a Ride up to Highgate and come back and drink them: that he rode that Way, but in less than a Quarter of an Hour came Riding back as fast as he could towards London, Hallowing as he past by: that it was turn'd of Four on Thursday the 25th of May in the Morning: That he was on a Grey Horse with a Whisk Yall and had a White Frock button'd up; he also confirm'd the former Evidence as to the finding the White Frock and Whip in the Prisoner's Lodgings, and his Wife's falling down on her Knees. Thomas Nottage (about 16 Years of Age) deposed that he was behind the Coach, that the Prisoner met it and past it but turn'd back again, and when he came close behind the Coach he put on his Mask, drew his Pistol, rode up to the Coachman and bid him stand, then went to the Gentleman in the Coach; whereupon this Evidence leapt from behind the Coach and went into the Field for fear of him; that he saw the Prisoner take Pancras Road for London; that it was on the 25th of May; that the Prisoner was on a Grey Horse with a Whisk Tail, had on a light Fustian Frock, a Bob Perriwig, and a long Hunting Whip in his Hand: And being askt how he came to be behind the Coach, said, that his Father was a Carpenter at Work at Highgate, and he was going thither to Work; and the Coach going that Way, he got up behind it. That he saw the Prisoner plain before he put on his Mask, and was sure he was the same Person. Another Evidence deposed that the Prisoner when before the Justice said that he did go to Highgate, but did not come back the same Way. The Prisoner denied the Fact, and said that he was not in a State of Health capable to undertake such an Enterprize; and called his Surgeon to prove it. His Surgeon deposed, that the Prisoner was at that time so weak that he could hardly go, being just come out of a Sallivation; that he advised the Prisoner to take a Walk Morning and Evening, who told him that he was not able, whereupon he advised him to get a Horse and ride into the Air; and that he saw him the 29th of May at the end of Grays-Inn-Lane on a Grey Horse in, a White Frock before 4 a Clock in the Morning. One Evidence spoke to his Reputation, and said that his Mother was a very honest Woman, and she knew no ill of the Prisoner, but that did not avail, he having before been an Evidence in the same Court and convicted several whom he swore had been concerned with himself in divers Robberies. The Jury found him Guilty . Death

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