William Gosling, Theft > theft from a specified place, 12th July 1721.

Reference Number: t17210712-16
Offence: Theft > theft from a specified place
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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William Gosling of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate , was indicted for feloniously stealing a Green Livery. Coat, a Wastcoat, Breeches and Hat, 9 Silver Spoons, a Silver Porringer, 2 Silver Candlesticks, a pair of Silver Snuffers and Snuffer Case, 2 Silver Salts, 3 Silver Castors, and a Mustard Spoon, a pair of Silver Buckles, &c. to the value of 46 l. the Goods of Mark Winn , Senior, Esq ; and a pair of Silver Spoons a Gold Ring, a Silver Tooth-pick-case, a pair of Silk Stockings, 2 Carolus's 12 Guineas and 42 s. in Money, the Goods and Money of Mark Winn , Junior; in the Dwelling-House of Mark Winn, Senior; Esq; on the 22d of May last. Mr. Winn deposed that the Prisoner was his Servant , as Butler, from Christmas last, but not liking of him he gave him a Month's Warning; that he went away of a sudden 3 Weeks before his Warning was up, and the Goods and Money mentioned in the Indictment were missing. Thomas Cregnall , Ostler of the Crown-Inn at Hardest in Suffolk, deposed that the Prisoner came to their House on Whitson-Monday very much in Drink, said he had some Plate of his Master's and desired him to take care of it; that his Master looking over it and finding some of it in the Sleeves of a Livery Coat, suspecting him, and questioning him, he said that he had been to his Master's Tenant for Rent, who having no Money gave him that old Plate. That his Master stopt the Plate, and went to ask Advice what he had best do in the Case: but the Prisoner rode away before he came back; that they got Horses, followed and took him asleep on the Ground beyond Framingham, and his Horse Grasing by him with his Bridle off, and his Fore Legs tied; and that a Ring produc'd in Court and own'd by the Prosecutor, was cut off his Finger, it being swell'd. His Confession before the Justice was read in Court, by which it appeared that he stole the Goods, went to Grays in Essex, there bought a Mare, rode to Hardust, where he was discovered, and afterwards taken as in the foregoing Evidence. The Prisoner being call'd upon to make his Defence, said, that he found the Goods and Money bundled up in the Wash-House, and thought that some of the Washerwomen intended to take them; to prevent which, he took them himself and went away with them. The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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