Barbara Spencer, Alice Hall, Elizabeth Bray, Royal Offences > coining offences, 25th May 1721.

Reference Number: t17210525-56
Offence: Royal Offences > coining offences
Verdict: Not Guilty; Guilty
Punishment: Death > burning
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Barbara Spencer alias Dawling , Alice Hall alias Complin and Elizabeth Bray , of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate , were indicted for High Treason, in Counterfeiting the Current Coin of this Kingdom , on the 13th of April last. Elizabeth Miles deposed, that on Wednesday the 12th of April, Spencer and her self went to Hall's Lodgings; that Hall was not at Home, but Bray was there and made them both Fuddled, desired them to lie down on the Bed and not to go away till she (who was going out a little way) came back again; that she came back and waked them, and about 12 a Clock Hall and another Woman came Home; that they staid there all Night, and the next Morning they all went out together and Drank at a Brandy-Shop in Bishopsgate-street; that Spencer call'd Hall aside, and told her that she had no more bad Money, and Hall reply'd, that the might go home to her Room and make some; and if the has any occasion for her, she would meet her at the Bell and Horse-shoe in Bishopsgate-Street at 2 in the Afternoon, (the strange Woman then being in Company) that they met accordingly, and Hall brought the Metal with her, and after they had Drank Two or Three Pints of Beer and Ale, Hall bid Spencer, Bray, and this Evidence go to her Room and make a Fire, and she would be with them as soon as it was lighted; that as they went to her Room Bray went into a Shop and bought the Materials to make the Molds; that Hall came as soon as the Fire was made, lockt the Door, melted and refined the Metal whilst Spencer and Bray made the Molds: that Hall melted the Metal and Spencer cast the Counterfeit Shillings to the Number of 40, which were all they made that Day: that Spencer gave half a Crown apiece to Hall and Bray for their Trouble; took the Flasks or Molds with a Shilling in them, telling them that if they were found in their House it were enough to take 20 Peoples Lives away, and gave them to her (this Evidence) to carry, for fear she should be taken up being known to be a Person dealing that way; and left the Ladle and File in Hall's Room in a Cupboard over the Door; saying, they could not make any thing of them if they should find them: That Spencer had Five of the Forty that were made then, and she (this Evidence) had the rest, but could not tell justly how many they were, being given to her wrapt up in a Paper.

Andrew Wild deposed that being in Fleet Street with Mr. Fenton and Mr. Nichols, he saw Spencer (whom he knew) and Elizabeth Miles (the former Evidence, who he was inform'd carry'd bad Money for Spencer) coming along, and told Mr. Fenton and Mr. Nichols that they were concern'd in Coining; that they carry'd them to the Tavern, and searching found 28. Counterfeit Shillings and the Molds with a Shilling in it on Miles; but nothing on Spencer, that the Money was wrapt up in a Paper, but the Molds in a piece of Leather and a Handkerchief, that when he took the Molds from Miles and laid them on the Table (not knowing then what they were, being in a Handkerchief) Spencer snatcht them up, and said, You Bitch are you going to hang us both: and they struggled a good while before they could get them from her. Then Spencer called him out and offer'd 30 l; to let them go.

Mr. Fenton and Mr. Nichols confirm'd the same with this Difference only, that Mr. Fenton deposed Spencer offered them 30 l. a piece to let them go.

Mr. Plumridze deposed that he heard Spencer say she was a dead Woman; that the 28 s. and the Molds with a Shilling in them were sealed up before the Justice, that he had had them in his Custody ever since; and that what he then produced in Court were the same, and the Leather and Handkerchief which they were wrapt in.

Robert Bridgeman deposed, that Hall and Bray lodgd in his House, and that he found a Ladle and File in a Cupboard over the Door in Hall and Bray's Room the Evening of the same Day they were taken up.

Mr. Plumridge being called again and shewed Counterfeit Shillings that were kept by themselves deposed that he had them of Mr. Pinkney.

Mr. Pinkney deposed that he had them from Mill and delivered them to Mr. Plumridge.

Miles being called again, deposed that she had that of Spencer in the Prison, and gave them to Mr. Pinkney

Mrs. Bunn deposed that the saw Spencer pull 5 Shillings out of her Bosom in the Prison Yard the next Morning, and give them to Miles; and that she perceived them to be Counterfeit.

All of them denied the Fact, and Spencer and Hall called some to their Reputation.

The Jury considering the whole matter, Acquitted Hall and Bray, and found Barbara Spencer Guilty the Indictment. To be Burnt .

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