Robert Super.
19th April 1721
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Robert Super of the Fleet Prison , was indicted for feloniously stealing 40 s. the Money of Persons unknown, on the 11th of January last. John Head deposed that the prisoner which he came upon the Charity of the Prison, added another Lock to the Box, that there were two before, and that on the 11th of January last, he opened that which he had put on himself, and broke the other two Locks off with a piece of Broomstick or Mopstick, and took the Money out of the Box, which was made of Iron and fixt to a main Post in the Prison, that this Evidence had put Forty Shillings into the said Box which was sent by the Master of the Rolls for Charity. That there were about twenty stood by when he broke it open and took the Money out, and said, that he did not value the Charity if he could but get Money to go to Law with the Warden. Walter Barlin (Turnkey) deposed that he saw 40 s. told and put into the Box (besides what other Money might be there) and that the Prisoner broke it open and took it out. Robert Cooper (Steward of the Charity) deposed that he used to divide the Money among those swore on upon the Charity when there was a sufficient Sum, sometimes about a Fortnight after Christmas; that the Prisoner (just before) askt him when he intended to make a Dividend, and he (this Evidence) told him, the next Week; whereupon the Prisoner gave him a kick on the Arse. And being ask'd by the Court how long it was before that time that he had distributed any Charity Money amongst them, answered, about 7 Weeks. It appeared also that the Prisoner was a very troublesom person, who associated himself with the Owlers that were there, and made great Disturbances in the prison, insomuch that they had been afraid of his setting it on fire. Which Character was confirmed by Mr. Fitch, and others. The taking of the Money being fully proved, and not denied by the Prisoner himself, the Jury found him Guilty . Transportation .

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