Othrinton Wratham, James Lacey, Theft > theft from a specified place, Theft > receiving, 7th December 1720.

Reference Number: t17201207-40
Offences: Theft > theft from a specified place; Theft > receiving
Verdicts: Guilty
Punishments: Death; Transportation
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Othrinton Wratham and James Lacey , of St. Dunstan at Stepney , were indicted, the former for privately stealing 1080 Yards of Sailcloth, value 90 l. in the Warehouse of John Hide Esq ; on the 10th of November last, and James Lacey for receiving the same knowing it to be stole . Richard Mannel deposed, that he lookt after Capt. Hides Warehouse and

missing the Goods, observed some Boards loose that cover'd the Warehouse. That the Prisoners confest 10 Pieces of the Goods, and Wratham that he pull'd out one of the Boards and Lacey another; their several Confessions before the Justice were read in Court. Williams Hodge deposed, that the Prisoner Lacey came to him at the Cornish Mount at Ratstaff Cross about 9 or 10 at Night, and ask him if he would earn Half a Crown, told him he must take no Notice for it was to remove some Goods for a Gentleman who was afraid of a Judgment being executed on them the next Morning, that he went with him, and received the Goods out of a Barge into his Boat, and carry'd them to Mr. Richard Lever 's, that there was another Barge lay between that and the Warehouse. - Lacey deposed, that his Brother (one of the Prisoners) came to him to the Cornish Mount, and ask'd him if he would earn Half a Crown; that he told him he was engaged in other Business, and called the former Evidence, who went along with him. Lacey owned that he had carried Goods several times for Wratham and that he had received 16 Guineas of Mr. Lever, and gave Wratham 13 of them, and kept the other 3 himself. The Fact being very plain against them, the Jury found them both Guilty . Wratham as Principal, Death . and Lacey as Accessory. Transportation .

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