Peter Cornelius.
12th July 1720
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Peter Cornelius , of St. Leonard Shorditch , was indicted for Assaulting Dorothy Orwell on the High-Way, and tearing and cutting her Callicoe Gown and Petticoat , on the 24th of June last. The Prosecutor deposed, that she was Assaulted by a Multitude of Weaver s in Red-Lion-Fields in Hoxton , who tore, cut, and pull'd off her Gown and Petticoat by Violence, threatned her-with vile Language, and left her naked in the Fields; that she was in such a Fright that she did not know them again. Thomas Painter deposed, that he saw the Prisoner tear the Prosecutor's Gown and Petticoat; that he knows him well; and that he (this Evidence) snatcht that piece of Callicoe out of his Hand and ran away with it; which peice of Callicoe was produced in Court and Swore by the Prosecutor to be part of her Gown; that the Prisoner tuckt up his Apron to prevent his being known by it. John Web deposed, that he was with the Prisoner at the same time, and took her in his Arms to save her from their Rage; that he desired them to be easy and they should have her Callicoe, but they tore it off by Violence, and cut his Hand. Mr. Clarke deposed, that he saw the Mob Assault the Prosecutor, and tear and cut her Clothes; that he and the former Evidence put a Man's Coat on her, and went with her to the Red Lion; where Thomas Painter came to them, and said that the Prisoner was one of them; whereupon they got a Warrant and took him up. The Prisoner in his Defence said, that he had been washing in the New-River, and meeting the Crowd as he came back, jumpt off the Causeway into the Field to get out of the way for fear of Trouble; but did not Assault the Prosecutor, nor tear her Clothes; and call'd the following Evidence to prove it: The first deposed, that he had been with the Prisoner washing in the New-River, confirm'd his jumping off the Causeway to avoid the Crowd; and farther deposed, that he saw the Callicoe in Painter's Hand, who shewed it to him, but cou'd not tell whether the Prisoner had it in his Hand or not. Another deposed, that he hearing a Noise, went to see what was the matter; that the Clothes were tearing before he came up, and that he saw the Prisoner in the Fields, not on the Causeway, going home, and that he had no Callicoe in his Hand. Another deposed, that the Prisoner being at his Door, this Evidence said to him, there's a Noise and a Fighting, I never did see such things, if you will go with me, I will go; but the Prisoner refused, saying, he did not like such Things, that we might came into Trouble about it. The Jury considering the whole matter found him Guilty . Transportation .

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