John Lewis.
2nd June 1720
Reference Numbert17200602-13

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John Lewis , of the Liberty of the Old Artillery Ground , was indicted for assaulting Mary Baldwin on the High Way, putting her in fear, and taking

from her a Canvas Pocket, value 6 d. a Pocket-Book, value 12 d. and 2 s. 3 d. in Money , on the 6th of May last. The Prosecutor deposed, that about 9 a Clock the Night aforesaid she was thrown down, and her Pocket, Pocket-Book and Money taken from her; that in her Pocket-Book there was a Note of 31 l. 5 s. and to the best of her Knowledge, the Prisoner was the Man that committed the Fact. Richard Hotchet deposed that he saw the Prisoner run from the Prosecutor, who cry'd out stop Thief, and stopt him; and that he saw him drop the Pocket. Mr. Hall deposed that he hearing the cry of stop Thief, took hold of the Prisoner, who was stopt by the former Evidence; that he saw the Prisoner drop the Pocket, that the Prisoner stuck him in the Breast with a Penknife because he would not let him go; that he aimed at his Throat afterwards, but missing it gave him a large Wound in his Cheek, both which Wounds appeared in Court; and that there were two Pick Lock Keys found on him. Thomas Stedman deposed that he saw the Pick Lock Keys, saw the Prisoner wound Hall with a Pen-knife; and that he wounded this Evidence in the Arm with the same, which Wound not being well yet, he shewed in Court. Edward Brown deposed that he going by saw the Prosecutor down, saw the Keys, and that himself was wounded by the Prisoner under the Arm. The Pocket, which was swore to by the Prosecutor to be hers, and by several to be the same the Prisoner dropt, and the Pick Lock Keys were produc'd in Court. The Prisner deny'd all, saying they wounded one another and call'd two Persons to his Reputation; but they gave him an ill Character. The Jury found him Guilty . Death .

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