John Kein, Killing > murder, 27th April 1720.

Reference Number: t17200427-28
Offence: Killing > murder
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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John Kein of St. Michael in Wood-street , was indicted for the Murder of Sarah Kein his Wife , by giving her a Mortal Wound with a Knife in her Throat of the Length of 6 Inches, and the Depth of 1 Inch on the 23d of March last; of which she languished till the 28th following, and then died . He was indicted a second time on the Coroners Inquest for the same. Richard Bull deposed, that the Deceased came to the Compter-Gate about 4 or 5 a Clock the Day aforesaid, and abused the Prisoner, who put his Hand thro' and held her with Violence; and desired him to let her in, for fear she should occasion more Actions to be brought against him, and keep him there his Life-time; whereupon he let her in, and they were drinking together in the Cellar till about Eight, when he told the Prisoner that it was late, and he must Lock him up; that he saw the Prisoner Bloody, and the Deceased lying in her Gore on the Ground, who when her Wounds were drest came to her Speech, and said, the Prisoner had done it: That the next Morning they found the Prisoner's Knife bloody in a back Yard, which the Ward the Prisoner lay in look'd into: his Hands and Apron were bloody. A Woman who was Prisoner there at the same time deposed, that the Deceased desired her to drink with her, which she did; that the Prisoner and the Deceased were at Variance, and he would not drink with her at first, but afterwards did, and kist her and ask'd her to go up; but she perswaded her not to go for fear he should beat her; that when the Bell Rung for clearing the House they went up.

Another deposed that the Deceased gave the Prisoner provoking Language, and Spit at him, but were seemingly Friends afterwards and kist; that the Fact was committed by to Cistern at the top of the drinking Cellar, which was some distance from the Ward where the Prisoner lay. The Surgeon deposid that he saw the Wound and believes it Mortal, that her Jugular Vein was cut through, and her Pipe half through; that there was a Stab two Inches deep behind her Ear, and several other Wounds. The Prisoner in his Defence said, that the Deceased took his Knife out of his Pocket, and swore that she would be reveng'd on him or her self before they parted, and believ'd she did it her self; but being Examined as to Circumstances, own'd that having wrested the Knife out of her Hand, he did give her the Wounds; he pleaded also that he was Lunatick at some times. The Jury found him Guilty of both Indictments. Death .

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