Richard Shepherd, Theft > burglary, 4th December 1719.

Reference Number: t17191204-17
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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Richard Shepherd , of Isleworth in the Country of Middlesex, was indicted for breaking open the House of Eleanor Varney on the 27th of October last about 12 a Clock at Night, and taking away a Bed-Quilt, a Chints Gown, 2 pieces of Silk, a Muslin Apron, a Silver Porringer, 4 Silver Tea Spoons, a Purse of Mother of Pearl Compters, and other Goods . It fully appeared that the House was broke, and the Goods taken away, and that the Porringer and Spoons were found upon him, and the Gown and Quilt found in the same Room; that when he was taken he said to the Constable and Mr. Micklewright, I hope you are considerate Men, and will not take away my Life, if not for my saks, yet for my Wife and Childrens: and offer'd them 20 Guineas to stifle the matter: The Goods taken upon him were produc'd in Court and Swore to by the Prosecutor's Servants. The Prisoner denyed the Fact, and said that he bought and sold Old Clothes about the Streets, and sold a Man a Coat for 10 s. and went into the King's Head in Cross-Street Covent-Garden to drink with him, and when he was gone another came in and said his Wife was dead and he must dispose of some of his Effects to raise Money, and offer'd him the Gown and Quilt for 4 l. than shewed him the Plate, and he bought that also at 5 s. 1 d. an Ounce; he called one Ann Clerks and 3 others who all pretended not to know him but to be there accidentally, who swore to the same Effect. But he could not produce the Man be sold the Coat to, nor he who he bought the Goods off, nor any to his Reputation, the Jury considering the whole matter, brought him in Guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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