Richard Williams, Roger Williams.
14th May 1719
Reference Numbert17190514-41
VerdictNot Guilty; Guilty

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Richard Williams and Roger Williams , of St. James's Westminster , were indicted for Assaulting Ralph Courtney , and Robbing him of 42 s. on the 9th of April last. The Prosecutor deposed that Richard Williams and Thomas Harrick came to his Lodgings to inquire for him, that he hearing some Body ask for him, opened his Door to see who it was, and the Prisoner and Harrich rusht into his Room (which was a Ground Floor) and said they wanted Money, and Money they must have, it was no time to dispute, they must have his Money or his Life; that they demanded 5 l. of him, but he had but 2 Guineas and half a Crown about him, which he pulled out of his Pocket into his Hand; that Harrich snatcht the 2 Guines, and Richard Williams , the Half Crown, and went away. That Williams shut the Door clapping his Back against it and held him by his Shirt sleeve. He was in such a Surprise that he could not follow to apprehend them. Thomas Harrich deposed that the Prisoners and himself went to an Alehouse over against the Prosecutor's Lodgings and sent over Richard Williams to see if he was stirring, who brought word that he was not; a little after Richard and he went together, and enquiring for him, the Prosecutor opened his Door a little way, and they Brusht in, and did as the Prosecutor had before deposed; Roger Williams staying at the Alehouse till they came back. The Prisoners pleaded that Harrich told them the Prosecutor would have Bugger'd him, and had given him 9 s. and three half pence already, with a Promise of a further Reward, not to disgrace him. They called several to their Reputation by which it appeared that Roger Williams the Father had liv'd well and had a good Estate in Herefordshire, but by being engag'd for others was reduc'd, and now follow'd the business of an Undertaker , and was also supported by Friends; that his Son Richard, tho' in no Business had receiv'd several Legacies left him by some Friends, as 50 l.100 l., and 251. which he had liv'd upon. It did not appear that Roger Williams was present at the committing of the Fact, but only waited for their coming back to the Alehouse, the Jury Acquitted him, and found Richard Guilty of the Indictment Death .

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