Tho. Packer alias, John Prior, Robert Vickers.
15th January 1719
Reference Numbert17190115-35
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty

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Tho. Packer alias Pecket , John Prior , and Robert Vickers , of St. Pancras , were indicted for assualting George Noyer Esq ; on the High Way, and taking from him a pair of Pistols value 10 s. a Holster-Cloth value 15 s. a pair of Spurs value 5 s. and a Gelding val.30 l. the 18th of Sept . last. Mr. Floyer deposed that as he was comming from Hamstead about 7 a Clock at Night before 3 Men shook a Man off of his Horse, upon he pulled the Pistol and made towards them, that one of them made toward him still caught hold of his Horse Bridle and pulled his Pistol to the Ground that he endeavoured to discharge his, but it in the Pan, thereupon he struck Prime his Pistol on the Head, on his hind Legs got him off; but He was knock'd off his Horse by a Quarter Staff, and accordingly himself drew his Sword, whereupon one of them said you surrender or I'll shoot you thro' the Head he gave one of them a Prick or 2 in the Belley; but sayin himself overpowered, no made his Escape to all those not far off, where was in Old Man and a Boy, and acquainted them; that he saw one of them his Horse; and another got upon the other Man Horse; the old Man and Boy took Pitch Forks came out and the Person who had mounted his Horse rode after him, and there fired at him, took off the Point of his Sword and the Bullet flew over the but was so near him that the Force of the Power him down and he was so burnt he was forc'd Surgeon as soon as possible to out the Power and dress him. But he could not swear positively to and of their Faces Mr. Floyer produced his Pistols in Court which were found among the taken with the Prisoners when they were apprehended at the one. The Tavern Price upon one of which struck him over the Head they them you I you to and knock now then they roobb'd him, and the himself came up went to Mr.Floyer 2 or 3 Blow another of and

a Pistol to his Breast; that Prior got upon Mr. Floyer's Horse and rode after Mr. Floyer, that they hav like him he saw a Pistol go off, that he afterwards the Turn Pike, and got several to go with him, not take them, but found Mr. Floyers Horse and Pistol Cloth in the Road, and hollowing to he answering, they found him. Thomas A deposed that he indeed was not with them in this but that Vickars and Prior told him, they had Gentleman at that time and place, and that Gentleman Broke Parquort's Head and cut him over with his Pistol, and that Prior mounted his signing to stop him but that the Gentleman, the House near Fig.-Lane. The fact being plainly proved the Jury found them all guilty .

were all Three indicted a second time for assaulting Strange upon the High Way, and taking from him a Purse value 6 d.14 Guineas and a half,8 l. and other Things the 18th of August Strange deposed, that as he was in a Hackney Farington-lane near Hornsey,3 Men came armed with Guns, Pistols,&c. Swearing and very violent manner, and Parquort held a Vickers took his Money and the also his Buckles out of his Shoes, on his Finger demanded it, but it off; upon which Prior said I'll have it off or I'll cut off your Finger that when he went to Prior in the he owned the Robbery, and that a lost was in pawn by him which he Thomas confirmed what Mr. Spin also several other Circumstances Prisoners, were all there, and face (as he hears) gone to Sea.The Fact being plainly prov'd they were all found Indictment like wise.

Vickers was a third time indicted for assaulting Squire on the High-Way, and taking from him a Watch value 6 l.2 Seals, a Chain Lanser-Cafe and several other Mr. Squire deposed, the Lord Sunderland to the Lord the 7th of November before 5 a Clock the one thro' theTurn Pike the upon by 3 Men on Foot, Pistols under them, that he Messenger and was upon his bass; but instead of that shoot him dead; and mak carried into a Field; and hid but his Letter, pulled off of an Hour several times for killing him but neither to kill him not rob him Messenger, and that he exposed and told them he might do them they still snatching him, he told to him, and opening his him if they durst but tho' they still He could not swear Vickers by his Voice, he in Court which were ta in a Trunk and Portmanteau in the Strand, which was full Blunderbusses,&c. and Prior gave his when he went to see him in the Vickers had owned he had his Watch. confirm'd by horp. The Facts being they were all round guilty of his Death .

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