Sarah Brown, William Awdley.
15th October 1718
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Sarah Brown alias Giles , and William Awdley , of the Parish of St. Dunstan's Stepney were indicted for the Murther of Nathaniel Asser , and robbing him of a Purse and ten Guineas, two Gold Rings,&c. the 28th of June last. Stephen Awdley deposed, that on Saturday the 28th of June last, about seven a Clock in the evening, as he was Walking with one David Seal near White Chapel Church, the Prisoner Will. Awdley who is his Brother, came to him, and pulling him by the Shave took him aside, and told him that in such a place in the Fields it there was a Man lay dead in a Dit . who had been murther'd by a Bitch, upon which no ask'd him how he knew it: that he answer'd, that the Woman having first ask'd him if he would stand true, then told him of it. He then ask'd him if he knew the Woman; and he reply'd Yes. That then he and his Friend went to see, and searching about found the Deceased lying with his Head back, his Mouth open, and his Legs drawn up: That than he went and discovered it to some Persons at Make-End : Whereupon the Body was carried to a House, and his Pockets being Searched, a Pocket-book was found, by some Notes in which they found his Name was Nathaniel Asser : he then left Direction's in Writing where he and his Friend might be found if need should be; and when sent for produced his Brother Will. Awadley to give a farther Account to the ury . Oliver Fen posed that himself, the Prisoner William Awdley , and one Polemony and Ralph Emmery (the two last not yet taken) having been drinking all the Forenoon, went into Sale-Petre-Bank ; and having been up all Night before a pilfering and drinking, were sleepy, and went out about two in the Afternoon into the Fields to step where they met the Prisoner Sarah Brown, who told them there was a Gentleman with two Rings on his Finger that was asleep in such a Ditch. That she had been sitting by him, but he had taken no notice of her: that then they went, and Polemony went to him and pulled off his two Rings and that the Gentleman pull'd in his Hand; that then Will. Awdley took up two large pieces of Brick and threw at him, one of which hit him on the side of the Hand, and the other on the Side; that Sarah Brown took out of his Pocket a Green Purse and Eight or Ten Guineas in it; that Ralph Emmery took a Pocket-Book out of his Pocket, and a quarter of a Pound of Coffee, which he put in again, saying they were quere: that then they went away to a House in Salt-Petre-Bank again, and Polcrony gave him one of the Rings to pawn, which he left with a Person not yet taken: that they went afterwards and drank all together at a House at Salt-Petre Bank and Sarah Brown made an Excuse out, pretending to go to the Necessary House, and so eloped, and carried the Money with her, so that he had no share of it. Other Evidences deposed, that when the Coroner and Jury Sat upon the Deceased, that William Awdley being produced by the means of his Brother, did there upon Examination own that he had thrown two Brick-bats at the Deceased, one of which hit him on the side, and the other on the side of the Head. The Surgeon deposed, that he found several Bruises and Contusions about the Deceased, as tho he had been beaten very much and tho' there was no external Wound, yet opening his Head near the Temporal Muscles, he found a quantity of coagulated Blood, and did believe that that was the cause of his Death. The Prisoners both don'd the Fact, and Awdley pleaded that he knew nothing of the matter that he was indeed drinking that Forenoon with Oliver Fen, and Palcrony, and Ralph Emmery , and did go into the Fields, but that he and Ralph Emmery layd down to sleep in the first Field, but Oliver Fen and Polcreny would go farther toward Stepney, and that he heard that Oliver Fen and Polcrony had m rare blow (as they term'd it) of a Hat and two Rings, and he went to the Ale-house at Salt-Petre-Bank, to demand his own Hat, Supposing they had stollen it, for he had lost it while he was asleep. Sarah Brown produced Persons who indeavour'd to prove she was at their Houses at Salt-Peter-Bank that Day, from 11 in the Forenoon till 1 the next Morning; but did not do it to the satisfaction of the Jury, and Oliver Fen telling the Court that the Husband of one of her

Evidences was at that very Sessions indicted for pulling off a Pocket: The Jury upon a full hearing of the Matter, found them both guilty, of both Robbery and Murther , and they receiv'd Sentence of Death .

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