Charles Powel.
11th September 1717
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Charles Powel of St. Botolph Bishopsgate , was indicted for feloniously stealing 108 Guineas,2 double Doubloons,1 Moidore, and other Gold, to the sum of 124 l 10 s. from Jos. Dickinson , the 22d of August last. The Prosecutor deposed, That he lodged that Night, as he usually did, When in Town, at the Dolphin Inn near Bishopsgate , and that going to Bed, he put his Breeches under his Pillow, with the Money in his Pocket in a Silk Purse, that the Chamberlain coming to him in the Morning, between 2 and 3 a Clock, told him his Door had been opened, and asked him if he had lost nothing? whereupon he felt for his purse, and found it was gone, and jump'd out of Bed, and ran down Stairs, found the Prisoner booted and ready to go away, and charged him with his Money; and that after some time found the Purse with the Money hid in a Parcel of Stones in the Yard, but wanting 12 Guineas, which was found in the Prisoner's Watch-pocket. The Hostler deposed, That the Prisoner came into the Yard, about 2 of the Clock, and called for his Horse, and wanted his Boots. But he told him the Chamberlain had lock'd them up, and he must call him up to help him to them; to which he seemed unwilling, telling him he would not have him disturb'd; but if he could get them without him, he would give him something for himself, and also leave something for the Chamberlain; he told him he could not, and so called the Chamberlain, who gave them him, and he was putting them on, and that in the mean time the Chamberlain went up Stairs, and he heard him talk with the Prosecutor, and what he said, and he believed the Prisoner did hear him too. And that while he was putting on his Boots, he starts up on a sudden, and said he must go into the Yard; that he wondering at this sudden Motion, look'd after him, saw him go to the Stones, put his Hand in his Pocket, heard the Stones rattle, and that he came in again immediately, and staid not to make Water or do any thing else; that when he was come in again, the Prosecutor and Chamberlain came down immediately, and taxed him with the Money, which was found as aforesaid. The Chamberlain deposed, The Prisoner came in about 7 of the Clock that Night to lodge, said he should stay 2 Nights, and was going to Canterbury. That when the Prosecutor went to Bed he attended him, lock'd his Chamber Door, and put the Key under it, and that being call'd up in the Morning, he admir'd that the Prisoner

was going away so early and in such a Hurry, therefore having given him his Boots, went up to see all was safe in his Chamber, and going by the Prosecutor's Door, saw it had been forced open, and waked him, as has been before related. The Landlord and several other Evidence confirmed the circumstances as to the finding of the Purse of Money among the Stones, and the 12 Guineas in his Pocket, and that the Prosecutor as soon as he saw the Purse, said the Strings had been opened, and that there was in the Purse when he had it in his Pocket,124 l.10 s. That they counted it and found it wanted just 12 Guineas, that the 12 Guineas which made up the Sum neither more nor less were found in his Pocket and that about 15 s. in his other

Another Evidence deposed, that the Prisoner hired a Horse for Days to go to Rochester, and had kept him 7 months and he had never seen him all that time, till hearing of him on account of this Fact, he came to the Dolphin Inn and there found his Horse. The Prisoner in his defence called an Evidence, one Alexander Darwent alias Macdonald, who deposed that meeting with the Prisoner about 5 a Clock the Day before he was charged with this Fact, they went to drink together, and while they were drinking, a Man habited like a Country Farmer came in and paid him 12 Guineas, and 2 s upon a Note, and that the Prosecutor gave him a receipt on the Backside of the Note, but he was very much suspected by the Court, to be a hired Evidence, and this Suspicion was heightened by the Deposition of one Longstaff and another Person, who deposed, that one Norton came to him in behalf of the Prisoner, telling him he had a Friend in Newgate on Suspicion of a Robbery, and it was like to go hard with him, unless he would serve him in procuring a Person that should give the Prisoner a Note for 13 l. and dated about 7 Weeks, and payable about the time, or little before the Commission of this Fact, and that the Prisoner would immediately write a Receipt upon the Back of it, that thereupon to penetrate into the Secret, he did procure a Man who was to make a Shew of doing so, and went to the Prisoner to Newgate, wrote such a Note, but did not sign it; agreed for the Praemium to swear to it, which was a Guinea, and half a Crown per duem during the Attendance at the Sessions This Note was to have confirm'd the Evidence of Mackdonald. He added likewise, that the Prisoner had been before discharged of a Felony at Ailsbury by the Management of Norton. The Court perceiving the Contryvance, ordered Mackdonald to Newgate, and the Jury found the Prisoner guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

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