Thomas Allen, Elizabeth Dunn, Theft > burglary, Theft > receiving, 6th September 1716.

Reference Number: t17160906-44
Offences: Theft > burglary; Theft > receiving
Verdicts: Guilty
Punishments: Death; Miscellaneous > branding
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Thomas Allen , of the Parish of St. Clement Danes , was indicted for Breaking the House of John Hales , Esq ; in the Night-time, and taking thence 5 Sets of China, 12 Silver-hasted Knives, 1 dozen of Table cloths, and other Goods to the value of 30 l and Elizabeth Dunn for receiving the same, knowing them to be stole . They were both notorious for such Facts, and one Shepherd impeach'd, who with the other Witnesses proved them Guilty , and they were accordingly found so.

[Allen: Death. See summary.]

[Dunn: Branding. See summary.]

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