Rebecca Darby, Martha Dykes, Hannah Rogers, Elizabeth Slate, Katharine Lawson, Ann Bolton.
6th September 1716
Reference Numbert17160906-29
VerdictsGuilty; Not Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death > respited for pregnancy

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Rebecca Darby Martha Dykes , Hannah Rogers , and Elizabeth Slate , of the Parish of St. Dunstan Stepney , were indicted for an Assault on the Person of Abraham Major , and robbing him of 2 Gold Rings, value 25 s. 1 Pair of Silver Buckles, 7 s. 6 d. a Silver Tobacco-box, val. 5 s. and 18 shillings in Money , on the 12th of June last.

Rebecca Darby , Martha Dykes , Elizabeth Slate were second Time indicted of the same Parish, with Katharine Lawson and Ann Bolton for an Assault on the Person of the said Abraham Major and robbing him of 26 Guineas,1 Broad-piece and 11 Moydores on the 14th of June last. It appear'd the Prosecutor was coming thro' Church-Lane (a most notorious Place) and Darby and Rogers took him into a House, and Dykes and Slate and 4 or 5 more came to their Assistance, who forc'd him, into some Ren where they bound and robbed him, and then anci went away and left him in a strange Place; but finding the Way out he got a Constable the same Night to search the House and Rents; but they could find no body. Next Morning he put the Gold mention'd in the d Indictment into his Pocket, and went alone to one Pritchard, who was of the Gang,(since executed) to get his Rings which he very much valued, and for two Guiness had them again; after which Pritchard invited him to take a Glass of Rum at the House where he was robb'd before, who, being a very stupid Fellow, notwithstanding he was advised to the tary by the Man of the House where they drank; consented to it, and then Pritchard went to the Prisoners who were in the Rents adjoining to the Three M in the said Cl Lane and child them there was, ly and went away: Then they (the Prisoner at the Bar and same others) fell upon him, robb'd him of his Gold, said by throwing Dirt, and others Abuses, had almost frighted him out of his Wife ; when his Wife happily came to his Relief and sav'd his Life. One of the Gang made herself as Evidence in this Matter and confirm'd all the Circumstances, and said tho' she was not in the first Robbery she receiv'd lt her Fellow-Women's Share, they being oblig'd by Agreement among there themselves, whoever makes a Boo to divide it i manner. But the Prosecutor and she agreed Dykes was not prsent at the second; nor was they very positive to Bolton: Upon the whole Darby, Dykes Rogers and Slate were found Guilty of the first indictment, the Evidence being positive against them; and Darby, Slate, and Lawson of the second, of which Dykes and Bolton were acquitted

[Slate: Death. See summary.]

[Darby, Dykes, Rogers, Lawson: Death -respited for pregnancy. See summary.]

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