John Love, Thomas Bean, George Purchase, Richard Price, William Price.
6th September 1716
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John Love , Thomas Bean (Servant to Cassie and Carnegy 2 of the condemn'd Rebels now in Newgate) George Purchase , Richard Price and William Price , of the Parish of St. Brides, were indicted upon the Statute of the first Year of the King, which makes it Felony without the Benefit of the Clergy, to demolish, or begin to demolish, any House, &c.

Thomas Arrowsmith deposed, That he was positive to none of their Faces but Purchase's; and him he saw with a Stick in his Hand, walking to and fro about an Hour before the Mug-house Door, on Tuesday the 24th of July last. That about 7 a Clock that Morning, the Mob began to break the Windows with Stones and Bricks, crying, High Church and Ormond;

and a Woman cried, D - n all the Presbyterians ; but he took hold of her, and one Delander a Watchmaker rescued her from him.

Mr. Samuel Gott deposed, That he saw the Prisoner Love helping to break down the Sign, and breaking the Goods and Windows, about 1 a Clock. That Purchase and Bean were also there hurling Stones, and breaking the Windows with Stones and Sticks, for about an Hour and half.

Purchase said he had no Stick.

Mr. Gott swore, he saw Purchase throw a Stick up at the House and Windows, and that Love was assisting in throwing a Rope over the Sign, by which Means they drew it first on one side, then on the other, till it was loosened and fell down; and saw, him climb up the Rope almost to the very Sign.

Bean said, he could prove to the contrary.

Mr. Gott swore, he saw Bean break the Windows with Sticks thrown up against them.

Mr. Michael Burrel deposed, he saw Richard Price go into the House, and fetch out the Goods and break them. That he laboured very hard, and was extraordinary industrious to make use of that Time to the Destruction of the House and Goods; saw him in the Bar, pulling it down, and taking out the Papers, and employing himself every way to the said purpose. That he was at the Door when the Guards came, where he took the said Richard Price Prisoner.

Mr. John Collins swore, that he saw two Prices, Purchase and Love, but did not observe Bean in the Rio, plendering and destroying the Mug house and Goods: That Love swarmed up the Rope almost as high as the Sign, is order to sway it down; the Prices were employed chiefly within Doors in breaking the Bar and Household Goods, and Purchase in compleating the Ruine of those brought out, and breaking the Windows with Bottles and Sticks, bawling out all the while, High Church and Ormond. No Hannoverian, No King George, Down with the Mug-house.

Love said he was coming by, and a Man push'd him, upon which he took hold of the Rope to prevent his falling.

But Mr. Collins standing up, was very positive that he climbed up the Rope, and that he saw several other Persons with Pickaxes , but could not say who they were.

Mr. John Hasell junior swore, that he saw Bean running with great Joy from Fleet-street towards Ludgate-hill with part of the Sign of the said Mug-house, making a great Noise with a Mob that accompanied him; that a Cart standing at a Patters Door hard by, Bean put it into the Cart and returned; that there were the Letters R.R.E. upon the Sign, which made him take notice of it, and believes it by those Letters to be Mr. Read's Sign: That this was about one a-Clock. He was very positive Bean was the Man; for that he intended to have stopt him, in case he had come up so high as his House.

Mr. Carleton Smith deposed, that he saw the Prisoner Bean, in his Return to my Lord Mayor's from Salisbury-Court, with part of the Sign in his Hand, in a great Heat, running with it along in the greatest Joy and Triumph imaginable, towards Fleet-Disch; which sarprized him, he being a Servant to Mr. Cassie and Mr. Carnegy, two Rebel Prisoners now condemned in Newgate. But that he could not take him then, because of the Mob. Next Morning he met him in Newgate-street, and took him up and confined him in Newgate.

Mr. Luke Whitton deposed, That he saw William Price go in and out of the Mug-house several times, pull at the Sign with so much Force, that he thought the whole Front of the House was going to fall , beat the Soldier, and at last made off with the greatest Joy.

Mr. Richard Graves deposed, he saw Love stamp on some of the Goods to break them, especially a Coffee-Pot.

Mr. John Collins deposed, he heard them cry High Church and Ormond, No King George, No Hannoverian, Down with the Mug-house; and was very positive that Purchase was one of them.

Mr. Michael Burrel swore, he heard several of the Mob cry, Just as we pull down this Mug-house, we will pull King George from the Throne, which is none of his own.

Purchase denied the Fact, and called 2 Witnesses to his Reputation, who did not appear; and said, he never said any thing of that sort in his Life.

Love denied the Fact too, but called no Witnesses: He said, he took hold of the Rope to save himself, as before.

William Price said, he was not Guilty, and had no Friends in the World.

Richard Price called his Master to his Reputation, who swore he saw the Prisoner in his House in Shoe-lane at 12 a Clock, but could not tell what became of him afterwards. This Evidence lived at the Temple Alehouse in Shoe-lane. He swore the Prisoner was a very honest, but a very silly , ignorant fellow ; and assisted him in brewing.

Bean called some Witnesses, but they did not appear. The Fact was full upon him, and he owned himself, that Mr. Smith spoke to him when he carried the Sign.

This being a very full Evidence against all the Prisoners concerned, the Jury found them Guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

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