James Blunt, Rachael Peters, Sarah Peters, Theft > housebreaking, Theft > receiving, 12th October 1715.

Reference Number: t17151012-39
Offences: Theft > housebreaking; Theft > receiving
Verdicts: Guilty; Not Guilty
Punishments: Death
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James Blunt , alias Bunner , Rachael Peters , alias Vanderbuss , and Sarah Peters , alias Blunt , were indicted, he for breaking open the House of Mary Goslin , and taking thence 16 Gold Rings, a Gold Necklace, a Coral, abundance of other Goods, and 15 l. in Money, the Goods and Money of the said Mary Goslin and Ann Kestern ; and the two Women as Accessaries in receiving the said Goods and Money, knowing them to be stole , on the 25th of August last. Mrs Goslin swore, her House was broke open, and the Goods stole. The Maid depos'd, That when she came down in the Morning, she found the Cellar-Window broke open, and a strange Knife upon the Stairs. The Prisoner being a notorious Offender, Mrs Goslin had a Warrant to search his House, and found Abundance of her Goods there, with the Fellow of the Knife that was found in her House, and the Board that was taken out of her Cellar-Window. It was also depos'd, That James Blunt confess'd he did the Robbery himself: and the Fact was very plain against him. Sarah Peters said she was Blunt's Wife , and that Rachael Peters was her Mother; but that her Husband told her he bought the Goods, as he said he did upon his Trial; and she did not know they were stole. The Jury considering the Matter, found the Man guilty but acquitted the two Women.

[Death. See summary.]

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