John Fairborne, Theft > housebreaking, 12th October 1715.

Reference Number: t17151012-19
Offence: Theft > housebreaking
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Death
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John Fairborne , of the Parish of Stepney , was indicted for breaking open the House of Ralph Morton , on the 17th of May, in the 13th Year of Queen Anne , together with one John Harris , and James Chip , and taking thence 5 l. weight of dy'd Silk, 5 l. of raw Silk, a Silk Gown, a great Coat, and other Goods in the Day time, no Person being therein . Morton swore, he and his Wife went out of his House about 2 a Clock in the Afternoon, and coming home, found 11 Locks broke, and the Goods stole. Another Evidence, one Keene depos'd, that he and the Prisoner, with the two more mention'd in the Indictment, went to the Prosecutor's House, and that Harris put in a Picklock Key and open'd the Door, and then they stole the Goods; he also told where they had sold them. This Evidence describ'd all the Goods that were taken from the Prosecutor, in his Information; and swore the Fact directly upon the Prisoner; who for his Defence exhibited a Petition to the Court (pretending a great Impediment in his Speech)

Setting forth, that he had been unfortunately acquainted with this latter Evidence, who would have had him go with him a House-breaking; but that he refused it , whereupon the said Keene swore this upon him, to save his own Life: But sometime after this, the Prisoner forgot himself, and with a clear strong Voice quarsell'd with this Evidence; he had a very bad Character, and 'twas depos'd in Court, that his Mother kept a very ill House in Houndsditch, which was a Retreat and Receptacle for Pickpockets, and other loose Persons, and stolen Goods. Upon the whole, the Jury found him Guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

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