Alexander Murray, Robert Mullins, Theft > theft from a specified place, 7th September 1715.

Reference Number: t17150907-11
Offence: Theft > theft from a specified place
Verdict: Guilty > lesser offence
Punishment: Death
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Alexander Murray , and Robert Mullins , of the Parish of St. Anne, Black Fryars , Labourers , were indicted for stealing 38 Yards of Silk Camblet, value 5 l. the Goods of Mess. Coleman and Clay , on the 30th of July last, out of the House of Mr. Hen Shepherd , in the aforesaid Parish. It appear'd that Murray came to the Prosecutor's Shop, and ask'd for some Camblet, which was shew'd him; and afterwards he saw another Piece of blue Camblet; but not agreeing about the Price, he bid the Prosecutor's Servant take the Camblet, and go with him to the Paul's Head Ale-house, where was the Gentleman that would pay for as much of it as he could agree for . When he came to Mullins, he seem'd to like the great Piece, and bid the Servant carry home the other, and send his Master to take his Money; as accordingly he did; but when Mr. Coleman came, the Prisoner ( Murray being gone before pretending to fetch a Taylor) was gone away with the Goods. Upon this Mr. Coleman went immediately to the Water-side, and enquir'd after the Prisoner; and having learnt of a Waterman, that he took Boat there, the Prosecutor with his Servant took another to pursue him, and at last met the Prisoner's Waterman coming back: who, being ask'd where he landed his Passenger, said at the Horse Ferry, and that he saw him go into the White Heart. Upon this Information they landed there, and while search was made for a Constable, Mullins came out of the House, and was secur'd. Then the Evidence went into the White Heart, and hearing Murray was above Stairs, they went to the Door of the Room wherein he was, and found it lock'd, but being open'd, found Murray shut up in a Closer , and the Goods under the Bed, without the Mark, which Murray at last took out of his Pocket. Murray in his Defence said, He thought the Goods were paid for; And Mullins own'd he took them away, but 'twas in a fright; for seeing two Bailiffs almost at the Paul's Head Door, he thought they wanted him, which made him slip away, and in his hast took the Goods with him. They were both found Guilty of Felony .

[Death. See summary.]

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