Andrew Harper.
13th May 1714
Reference Numbert17140513-18

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Andrew Harper , of the Parish of St. Margaret Westminster , was indicted upon 4 Indictments, for robbing upon the Highway; viz. the two first for robbing Michael Biddulph of 8 s. in Money , and Francis Woodhouse of 14 s. in Money in the Cirencester Stage-Coach on the 1st of March last about 6 in the Morning. Mr. Woodhouse swore, that as the Coach was just driving by Mr. Wise's Gates on this Side Kensington , the Prisoner rode up to it, and putting his pistol in, demanded Money; and having some Silver given him by the Passengers, demanded Gold, and had half a Guinea; and that looking out at the Coach-Window, he saw him stop the Glocester-Coach. The other two for robbing William Lloyd of 40 s. and George Cook of a Watch, and 20 s. in Money, in the Glocester Coach , on the same Day. Mr. Lloyd swore, that he put his Pistol into the Coach as before, and demanded Money, and when he had Silver given him, said he must have Gold; and that the Prisoner thrust his Hand into his Pocket, and took out two half Guineas. And Mr. Cook swore, that while the Prisoner was rifling Mr. Lloyd, he snapt a Pistol at him, but miss'd Fire; whereupon the Prisoner rifled him also, and took his Watch and Money, and then rode off. That then he got out of the Coach, and pursu'd him as far as he could, and rais'd a Cry after him; whereupon he was follow'd thro' Knights-bridge, up Tyburn-line, and quite to the Soil-pond in Mary bone Fields, where his Horse being mir'd, he was oblig'd to quit him, and was at length taken. It appear'd that he dropt Mr. Cook's Watch in the Road by Knightsbridge, where it was taken up. He pretended that he was coming from Portsmouth, and came from Godlyman that Morning; and riding very peaceably along the Road, he heard a Cry of Highway-men, and saw a Man upon a Grey Horse ride by him (that being the Colour of the Horse be rode himself;) and the Outcry coming forward, he endeavour'd to get out of the Way, for Fear he should fare the worse for having been an old Offender. The Proof being very plain, and his Defence frivolous, he was found guilty of the Indictment.

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